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Around 25 students from Eight  K-12 schools would be visiting SAP Labs office in Gurgaon office to get excited on our latest solutions like Internet of Things, SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP Lumira for them to learn for free and come out with amazing Innovations. The UA team would make them aware of SAP’s Young Thinkers community which aims to stimulate interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning and careers to help address the skills shortage that is prevalent around the world, to encourage entrepreneurial thinking, and to ensure young people are college or workforce ready. Schools have the opportunity to incorporate SAP-supported curricula and the SAP Student Entrepreneurship Program into the classroom. The students would also have an exclusive session by our experts on SAP Lumira Cloud which is our tool to help your students visualize any amount of data in real time in a few simple steps. With a fluid drag and drop interface, users can quickly create stunning visualizations and discover hidden insights. Explore the possibilities of data by building storyboards and infographics with just a few clicks and become a storyteller. The main learning objective is not to understand how to use SAP Lumira Cloud, but how to analyze a given reporting request or problem and based on possible options how to present the best way to visualize the solution. SAP Lumira Cloud can easily be integrated by the lectures as it requires no local software installation, it works in many browsers and does not need IT support There would be a Mini competition for students to come out  with some Cool Visualizations using SAP Lumira with some exciting prizes up for grabs!! We look forward to an exciting Day with these young talented minds!!