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How do you train 22,500 consultants at once?

Renting a basketball arena is out of the question – and not because of cost. Each of those consultants comes to the table with different experiences, customer needs, and goals. Each consultant requires specialized attention that can’t be achieved with cookie-cutter training. So short of creating 22,500 individual classroom sessions, what is a company to do?

This was the dilemma facing IBM Global Business Services (IBM GBS), which specializes in helping its customers stay on the cutting edge of technology. Its 22,500 consultants specializing in SAP solutions needed to get informed and stayed informed about the latest in SAP solutions on, quite literally, an hourly basis. But the workforce was diverse, widely dispersed, and busy serving its clients.

IBM GBS strives to help its clients fundamentally redesign experiences to create new sources of value, digitally reinvent operations for great efficiency, and transform the entire enterprise. IBM GBS is bringing a human face to the ever-automating world of digital transformation, making the knowledge base of its consultants more important than ever. All of these factors made IBM GBS turn to SAP for a learning solution.

Finding the solution

SAP Learning Hub turned out to be the perfect solution for IBM GBS’s training goals. With SAP Learning Hub, the company’s consultants have anytime, anywhere access to training tools and materials. In addition to being more cost-effective than traditional learning solutions, SAP Learning Hub is more convenient for consultants who could be based anywhere in the world. Consultants can also supplement SAP Learning Hub with remote access to a live system through the SAP Live Access environment for performing exercises and other activities.

IBM GBS’s team of 22,500 consultants now have the knowledge and training to unlock the business value of SAP software innovations. With on-demand access to several thousand learning titles, in a variety of formats, the consultants now have an expanded knowledge bases. The interactive social learning environment also provides the team with direct access to a vast community of instructors, subject-matter experts, and peers, creating a learning experience that goes beyond the scope of any handbook or e-learning session.

Crunching the numbers

The team at IBM GBS, the consultants, and the clients are all happy with the adoption of SAP Learning Hub. But happiness isn’t a KPI, and happiness won’t convince a CIO – but what is convincing are the numbers that IBM GBS has seen. When compared with training in 2014, the average cost per training interaction for an IBM GBS consultant is 93% lower with SAP Learning Hub. That is due in part to the fact that 13x more training activities have been completed successfully, without any increase in cost.

Engagement is the most important factor in determining the success of a learning program. If employees aren’t engaged, they aren’t learning, and the program has failed. So what kind of engagement has IBM GBS seen with SAP Learning Hub? An astonishing 93% of all subscribers are actively participating in the learning experience. You can’t beat numbers like that, even with a basketball arena.

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