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Technology is bringing innovation in one or other area every day. SAP also getting adapted to these technologies time to time, HANA evaluation is the best example. Now it is our responsibility to identify the ways to update our skill sets along the technology growth. It is good, SAP also much keen on filling the knowledge gaps, it does lots of initiatives like openHPI, openSAP, EGI sessions and much more.

As you all know that most recently SAP has recently expanded its certification portal as SAP Learning HUB to count e learning courses too. Just few days before I was completed my 1st course from SAP learning hub discovery, You can see my review here Try SAP Learning HUB course SAPHRe_en_10!!!Get into HCM World Easily!! it’s all about complete overview of SAP ERP HCM, This is my first full-fledged training in SAP functional area, and direct platform from SAP is the another kind of new experience.

Though I subscribed only discovery edition, I had also explored the other features of SAP Learning HUB by tom.cenens Blogs SAP Learning Hub - Learning rooms and tammy.powlas3 webcast sharing A Lot to Learn from Learning Hub – ASUG Webcast , unfortunately due to my time zone was not able to attend any of the webinars, I afraid that I could not even attend the upcoming webinar on Certification Save the Date: April 28 SAP Mentor Monday SAP Certification Update

Hence through this blog I would like to share my first view and experiences from the SAP learning hub discovery edition and seeking the views of others!!

I like

  • First big thanks to SAP, because most of the companies won’t provide big budget for learning, if you are engaged with big MNC, then you might have dozens of learning opportunities. If not, we need to always stick with help. Sap or SMP or SCN blogs, but those things won't give the feeling of trainings. Hence delivering knowledge in the formal e learning courses is much effective and good for all.
  • Very impressed from the pleasant and charming view of Learning Hub platform.
  • Huge number of courses available 24/7 on demand.
  • Direct SSO logon possibilities from SCN
  • Enjoyed the Flip books and OKPs.
  • Delivery method video was very nice and attractive.
  • I read from the Learning rooms, this increased my curiosity to subscribe full edition soon.
  • Spending money for Learning is the good investment, satisfied by the affordable pricing.
  • And much more…  :smile:

I Wish

  • Easy Navigations

    • I felt navigations are very difficult inside the Even still we are getting questions like how to subscribe discovery edition in SCN? For instance, after I enrolled the discovery edition, second time I visited, there was no direct link is available. As I followed the Tom’s guide Getting access & accessing SAP Learning Hub #SAPEducation , my training on the top is not listing the courses, its only give the discovery edition option,



               there you had to click another link to visit learning hub edition.


               Can we get any direct option to get the discovery edition directly from the home page?

    • Inside the learning hub also, we don't have much possibility as menus. Currently I could see the history also inside completed works. No direct links, but has different boxes options. I feel we should have some menu options in the home page.


    • Nowhere inside the courses given the link for providing feedback. Because feedback form is mandatory for all the courses. Might be this features available in full edition for the course with the due date, could you please confirm?

  • Interactive Delivery Method

    • The HCM course which I done from delivery method E learning is PPT oriented with SAP tutor simulations, I had such online courses very beginning of my career ( n number of years before) . It was very static, bit disappointed.  I always engage with online courses in or out with SAP, very recently I done one course from some X sources, they used latest technology to produce video oriented delivery. That was somewhat similar to SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration Tour Demo) but has more interactive features, even the assessments section also very interactive. This is different from the static PPT, and more attractive, gives the real feeling of class room.

    • I watched couple of video method of delivery, that’s good, but again that’s not connected with simulations and assessments. Though it leads to active listening, active participation was lacking. Is it possible the old contents also can be redesigned by mixing of both video and static PPT stuffs? Or any other possible options we can use to make E- learning more interactive?

    • Opensap delivery method is good. It has original trainer voice along with the PPT, and it was very similar to webinar. Though it does not have the tutor simulation, the flow of the course is very nice. Viewing our progress features and discussion space like social media option (available in learning rooms) are very well designed and easy to follow and more centralised.

  • Learning Path

    • I remembered that after we register the classroom or virtual courses in older training site, it also gives the option as related courses, certifications and more on skillsets. It also mentioned in the slides of webcast (shared by Tammy), that the learning hub provides the clear certification path/learning Map. But I was not able to seen such feature in e-learning courses of discovery edition. Or these features available in other editions?



These are some of my expectation for learning hub discovery edition, it is from my own experience, might be you all can discuss on upcoming webinars where i can get via recordings, I would also prefer during next mentor Monday webinar, It would be kind if tom.cenens or any of one of them, can show how the full version of learning hub looks like. How it differs from the discovery edition. This actually help the people who working in customers like me get the justification to subscribe the full edition.

Overall  I am much satisfied and much more delight with New SAP Learning Hub!! :smile: