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This was an "espresso" webinar by SAP's bernd.welz  - he covers the study in this blog 

Source: SAP

Online poll - skills gap

Source: SAP

SAP's poll

Source: SAP

New - in blue

business change management is not a technical skill

IoT is important

These are part of the SAP Leonardo technologies

Source: SAP

Q: I assume this is a Germany based study (TUM). Do you also have global figures available / analyzed?

A: This has been a global study, so the figures are global

Source: SAP

16% is a low number; "level of pain is rising"

Best Practicing for Skill Development

Source: SAP

Questionnaire sent to customers, and a deep dive interview

Source: SAP

Skill transformation alone won't help the company

Seven dimensions are shown above

Source: SAP

Need a strategy, why required, how change is being done

Change story needs to be communicated

"Chief Digital Officer" to guide overall change

Culture of learning and skill development "Learning matters" - needs to be communicated by all levels.  "Lead by example" - is there enough budget for training?


Micro learning and peer to peer learning and badges and gamification work

Organization - driven by cross functional work, not silos

Communities of practice to pass on knowledge

Source: SAP

Skills transformation program that identifies skill gaps; it is an ongoing process

Learning experience to accommodate different learning preferences

Use a learning management system to upskill program

Without professional management of skills and learning experience it is hard to be fast enough ; perform assessments to see if upskilling was successful

Absorpitive capacity - not just about skills but inspiration; collaborate with students, universities and other companies


Online poll results from webcast attendees:

Source: SAP

Above shows the seven dimensions and best practices, reminding me of the "Capability Maturity Model"


88% have a supported learning environment and an infrastructure to manage it

Digital Transformation Revolutionizes Learning

Source: SAP

A timeline of learning is shown above

Embed learning in product or system

Source: SAP

SAP has built up digital learning, through Learning Hub

OpenSAP is focused on latest and great innovation, with an overview

Source: SAP

Guided learning journeys, where user goes over 3-4 months

SAP internally uses this

Source: SAP

Learning hub - social learning through Learning Rooms

Complemented by SAP Live Access, with access to SAP Live systems

Source: SAP

You can go to

Source: SAP

End user enablement with Web Assistant with embedded learning

Learn on demand and in context

Source: SAP

Make your own context sensitive help with SAP Enable Now

Source: SAP

Project - on the fly translation of Open SAP courses using machine learning

Learning Hub - suggest what you learn next

Source: SAP

Call to action from SAP

"start with a digital development plan today"


After webinars like this, I realize I should spend more time using the SAP Learning Hub.  But I'm behind already on the Open SAP Courses.