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With the rapid speed of innovation happening in today’s climate, cultivating and keeping skills up to date is vital. The World Economic Forum has noted that more than 1 billion people will require reskilling by the year 2030, and 42% of skills are expected to change by 2022. The SAP ecosystem reflects this trend, as it is expected to grow to at a record speed: from 1 million workers in 2020 to 1.6 million by 2024.

Recently, SAP debuted the SAP Learning Hub, partner edition, its very first digital learning solution created exclusively to support SAP PartnerEdge members in upskilling, outperforming the competition and further driving customer success. Certification of expertise in relevant skills offered through the partner edition of SAP Learning Hub helps to differentiate partners as a trusted advisor in the market, while also demonstrating a commitment to continued excellence. This new offering can be tailored to fit individual learning and enablement needs to help partners continuously build, maintain and validate SAP software skills as technology advances.

A “One-Stop-Shop” of Key Features

A “one-stop-shop” available at one flat, affordable price, SAP Learning Hub, partner edition combines essential training content for leading SAP solutions like SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Technology Platform, as well as on-demand access to hands-on practice and SAP Global Certification exam attempts. Specifically, SAP Learning Hub, partner edition provides the following features and opportunities for SAP PartnerEdge members (excluding basic SAP PartnerEdge open ecosystem partners), from small businesses to large enterprises:

  • Access to all the self-paced learning content and formats currently available across the SAP solution portfolio

  • Partner-specific content

  • Expert guidance through visual Learning Journeys, which can be tailored to roles, skill levels and learning goals

  • Live sessions in online SAP Learning Rooms, which are interactive, virtual spaces for learners to connect with SAP experts and collaborate with peers

  • 60 hours of access to hands-on practice through SAP Live Access, a live, fully supported training environment for SAP training systems and sandbox systems

  • Two online exam attempts for approximately 125 SAP Global Certifications

How Partners—and Ultimately Customers—Can Benefit

Because staying current amid the fast pace of innovation is imperative, this solution is uniquely designed to support partners in improving performance and productivity while delivering positive business outcomes, driving customer success and satisfaction and enabling people to continuously train, certify and stay current with SAP solutions anytime, anywhere.

A key benefit provided through SAP Learning Hub, partner edition is the opportunity for SAP Global Certification in a variety of areas. Recognized certifications not only help you to stand out among competitors, but, as noted in a recent Pearson VUE study, they can also benefit your career and professional development by increasing self-confidence in new skills, quality work output and even salary.

Additionally, according to recent IDC studies, customers believe that current, up-to-date skills and certifications are essential in achieving success when selecting an implementation partner for SAP projects. IDC studies have also determined that:

  • Staying current with relevant skills can reduce implementation time by up to 15%

  • Well trained and certified consultants experience shorter deployment times and fewer critical issues

  • System migrations meet testing specifications at "go live" 20% more often

  • Deployed technologies are correctly implemented the first time 10% more often

  • SAP partners with a fully integrated digital strategy experience 43% revenue growth

Through the SAP Global Certification program, SAP continues to see and hear the benefits. Atilla Celiktepe, an SAP consultant with Deloitte, said, “SAP Global Certification validates my skills, builds my reputation as an SAP expert and recognizes my commitment to excellence in the SAP community.” Aakashi Sunil Shah, a senior analyst with Capgemini, also noted that “SAP Global Certification gives more and better opportunities to individuals. There’s a certain level of recognition and respect among peers, professionally and personally.”

As innovation continually changes the landscape of skills, we remain dedicated to evolving learning content and certifications to better position our partners—and, ultimately, customers—to stand out from the rest.


For additional information on the SAP Learning Hub, partner edition, visit and read more from SAP’s Chief Partner Officer Karl Fahrbach and SAP Chief Learning Officer Max Wessel.