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** This post will continue to be updated – return here for the latest info **

SAP offers the opportunity to gain the certification “SAP Certified Technology Associate – OS/DB Migration for SAP NetWeaver 7.52” (short code C_TADM70~ and with an exam duration of ninety minutes). To see the relevant SAP Learning Journey, please visit this page: SAP System – Operating System & Database Migration

The up to date certification is C_TADM70_21 The way to attain the knowledge for it is the “collection 21” of course TADM70  “SAP System: Operating System and Database Migration”.

You can see the course’s collection in the URL of the respective course description, as follows: Note the “021” representing the collection found towards the end of the string in this URL of the course description –
Where here we see the “g” following the “021”, this is where you will see in your case the country you are searching in – for example “DE” for Germany, “GB” for United Kingdom, “US” for United States, “IN” for India etc.

In collection 21 of TADM70, material that was in the appendix in the former collection, 20, has been incorporated into the main body of the handbook. Training material has also been updated to be more current.

The C_TADM70_21 is the certification to go for if you are studying or attending course TADM70 at collection 21.

Older certification C_TADM70_19 is currently still available for a while.  The way to attain the knowledge for it is: EITHER – if you have attended the now retired collection 19 of TADM70 (this course_collection was retired from classroom delivery on December 31st 2019) OR TADM70 former collection 20.  In collection 20, the difference compared to earlier collection 19 is an update of the class exercises.

In the SAP Learning Hub, subscribers will find the e-book (handbook) of all the above mentioned collections of TADM70 – under the following technical names:

e-book TADM70_EN_Col19
e-book TADM70_EN_Col20
e-book TADM70_EN_Col21

Hoping that you will achieve great success in your studying of the migration of an SAP system to another operating system and/or database system.

Colin Bailey

Education Portfolio Manager, Data Management
SAP Training and Adoption
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