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As described in our first blog How to bring new technology into our own company we try to introduce the technology innovation we picked up at SAP Teched 2012 in Madrid to our own company. We do this because we want that new IDE called "ABAP Development Tools", we want to delight our users with new interfaces (Floorplan Manager or the side panel in NWBC). We want to use the quality assurance ATC and we want to share that knowledge so that all the other colleagues can benefit from the advantages. Even if someone doesn't get really in touch with the mentioned technologies he (or she) still gets empowered to understand what that cryptic words mean (e. g. SAP HANA).

So we had to provide an overview as a starter for the following lectures and hands on sessions (mentioned in the previous blog post).

What to tell the people?

Still we don't know why - but we only got one hour. One hour to give an overview about all the subjects (remember in our previous blog post we mentioned that you might need a whole life to get around). We met very often to discuss the content and the power point presentation and in the end the following items were entitled to be announced:

  • User Experience
    • Web Dynpro ABAP
      • basics, principle
    • Floorplan Manager
      • standard UI framework for SAP Business Suite
    • SAPUI5
      • basics, what it is
  • Frameworks & Tools
    • ABAP Development Tools
      • powerful IDE
    • ABAP Test & Troubleshooting
      • ATC
      • SAT
      • Debugger-Scripting
  • In-Memory
    • SAP HANA
      • every SAP lecture should mention that appliance at least one time 🙂

Quite a lot for just one hour.

The Lecture

Nearly all SAP NetWeaver developers attended the overview lecture - and even the non SAP developers (Java, .NET and so on) came to hear about technology updates (and even they were surprised about SAPUI5, most people thought that SAP GUI is the only way to access the ABAP backend...). We had a tight program but we think it worked. We spoke about the new SAP user interfaces (FPM, SAPUI5), Eclipse, QA and HANA - much information paired with permanent references to (we need that cool stickers! :smile: ). Some people told us that our presentation showed a very different SAP environment as they are used to know in their daily business.

  We were a bit surprised that there was little less discussion after that presentation. Maybe there were too much power point slides and just too much information. But we were even more suprised about that positive feedback given by people (especially the Java guys) who did not attend the lecture but heard about it by other colleagues (especially REST enablement raised their attention as we mentioned SAPUI5 in combination with SAP Netweaver Gateway).

Let's start

The intention of this lecture was just to give an overview. The real work will be preparing the subject specific presentations (and even the provision of testing areas and systems) and the hands on sessions. Affirmed by that positive feedback we start into that lecture and hands on sequence.

The first lecture and hands on session is about object orientation. It's just the basis for everything so we decided to pick the people up right there and take them with us.

We will report in the next blog about it.

The introduction blog was posted in "Technology Innovation" which has been disabled for editing/commenting blogs. Therefore it's impossible to reply on the comments 😞 Thank you for your comments so far - it was good to read that somebody is interested in this topic and we consider to "...lower the barriers" in order to reduce the height of the steps which have to be taken. Thanks for the links provided, too - we find them very interesting and helpful.