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How to Become the Top Candidate on Every Recruiter’s List

What would you do if your school offered a course that allowed you to learn where and when you wanted and at your own pace? What if this same course turned you into a job candidate that corporate recruiters from 86% of the Global Fortune 500 and 98% of the world’s 100 most valued brands would be falling all over themselves to meet? Wouldn’t you make sure you were first online (or in line) to register for this class?

Of course you would. You know that recruiters are seeking job candidates who can walk into the office and immediately use the company’s applications and systems to get the job done.

Did you also know that your school can offer a learning opportunity like this? It’s available for you right now. It’s called SAP Learning Hub, student edition.

What is SAP Learning Hub, student edition?

The student edition of SAP Learning Hub is a learning portal that provides access to a comprehensive range of content on SAP solutions. Through SAP Learning Hub, you can get ready for employment along your chosen career path within the vast SAP ecosystem, including preparing to pass SAP certification exams.

With a wide range of high-quality content and optional live access to training systems from SAP, you can learn when and where you choose.

How does this learning offering from SAP relate to specific job roles in the SAP field?

To find some practical examples of how the learning programs offered through SAP Learning Hub, student edition map to actual job roles in the field of SAP have a look at this interactive e-book. It will provide you lots of practical examples of people working in different SAP-related roles and how you as a student can prepare for SAP Certification with the learning content provided in SAP Learning Hub, student edition.

Are you a member of faculty and would like to know more about how to take advantage of this low-cost learning offering for your academic institution?

Have a look at this SAP Education e-magazine that explains the benefits, how the learning content maps to academic curricula and what steps to take to offer this subscription to your student community.

If you would like further information about this offering, please reach out to a member of staff from SAP University Alliances or SAP Education in your country or have a look at these resources below:

FAQ SAP Learning Hub, student edition

Student testimonial SAP Learning Hub, student edition

Happy learning and good luck with your career with SAP!