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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Boost your career as a developer for SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) with our new SAP Learning Group. Join the SAP BTP Learning Group for free to meet our experts, address your questions, and to prepare for your SAP Certification with seven SAP Learning Journeys at

  • Developing with SAP Extension Suite

  • Developing with SAP Integration Suite

  • Developing Applications Running on SAP BTP Using SAP HANA Cloud

  • Modeling in SAP HANA Cloud

  • Provisioning and Administration with SAP HANA Cloud

  • Introducing SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Low-Code / No-Code Applications and Automations for Citizen Developers

For the first time, these seven SAP BTP Learning Journey and their modules are available for free. As each SAP Learning Journey prepares you for an SAP Certification live engagement with a topic expert in our SAP BTP Learning Group is key.

Added bonus: Register for SAP TechEd and get an 25% discount off SAP Certifications. Claim your offer at SAP Training Shop on SAP Certification 1-attempt CER001 or 6-attempt CER006 from November 16 to December 31, 2021 to grow your career and stand out from the crowd.

The new SAP BTP Learning Group also features discussions and additional learning materials for important SAP BTP use cases such as

  • Create a custom mobile app to extend HR capabilities

  • Explore your data with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  • Enable Category Management with BigQuery and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  • Extend SAP S/4HANA Business Processes on SAP BTP by Leveraging DevOps

  • Setup for SAP S/4HANA side-by-side UI Extensions on SAP BTP

  • Calculate Employee Seniority with Event-Driven Extensions

There’s even a schedule of live session deep-dives starting this month through December for more chances to learn from our experts! Looking to become an SAP BTP developer and expert?

Join the conversation! Looking forward to seeing you in our SAP BTP Learning Group!