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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Learning Journeys are the best way to improve and get the guidance needed for your learning activities. They can be defined as visual guides designed to help you achieve your learning goal based on your role and for a specific SAP solution. Take a look at this learn more page to help you understand their purpose before getting started with the Learning Journeys.

It is a continuous effort on our part to improve Learning Journeys. In our opinion, it is especially important that Learning Journeys have a personal touch about them.

Thus, we would like to show to you the first step on the way to a Learning Journeys personalization by introducing a new feature which has been recently implemented in the Learning Journeys.

In the Beta version of this personalization feature, you will be able to set the relevant status for every learning activity on the Learning Journey which will help you plan your time accordingly. To be able to personalize a given Learning Journey, you will need to log in the SAP Help Portal using your existing SAP credentials or alternatively register on SAP Help Portal Platform to get access to the Learning Journey in question.

Once logged in, navigate to a specific Learning Journey, you will then be able to indicate that you:

  • Are in the process of learning,

  • Have already learned something,

  • Want to skip a learning activity – which will grey out the tile

Going through your Learning Journey, you hover over each learning activity with your mouse and can set your personal learning status:

If you need to interrupt your learning for the day, the learning progress does not disappear, and you can proceed where you left off at your convenience.

On your next visit, the learning statuses set previously will still be there for you to add to, update or remove. Also, if a course is used across multiple Learning Journeys, the status will be set across all the Learning Journeys the course is used in.

To cut a long story short, you can try out the new feature on the beta version of the SAP Help Portal Learning Journeys pages yourself!

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback based on which we will gladly introduce further improvements.