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On March 5, 2014, two of SAP’s product experts provided valuable insights to professors at Harvard Business School and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. This exchange of thought leadership is part of a deepening relationship between SAP and both HBS and Tuck, and builds on momentum from visits by Bill McDermott to both campuses.

Dr. Kristina Steffenson McElheran of HBS and Dr. Steven Kahl of Tuck are collaborating on joint research on the topic of understanding adoption of ERP systems in a
trading network, and asked SAP for insights to inform their research.

Dr. Kristina Steffenson McElheran is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration in Technology and Operations Management at HBS. Kristina conducts empirical economics-based research on the interactions between information technology, firm performance, and competitive strategy.

Dr. Steven Kahl is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. His research includes a focus on the role of services in technology and industry evolution.

Chuck Pharris  is Director, Manufacturing Solutions Marketing at SAP.

Marcia Walker (right) is Director, Global Solution Marketing, Mining and Metals at SAP.

Together Chuck and Marcia provided valuable insight on the history of adoption of ERP systems, the business and technology drivers during the several stages of the ERP market over the past 40 years, and perspectives on the adoption of ERP and line of business solutions within a trading network.

Kristina and Steven expressed their appreciation for the insights from SAP. Chuck and Marcia will be exploring opportunities to further engage other SAP experts to support Kristina and Steven.

On behalf of SAP University Alliances, I would like to thank Chuck and Marcia for their outstanding support for Harvard and Dartmouth!

John Baxter, Lead for Top University Initiatives, SAP University Alliances,

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