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Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

October 31, 2013

Masters students from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University attended "A Game Changer: In-Memory Computing Using The SAP HANA® Platform." Led by John Baxter, SAP University Alliances program manager, the students learned about SAP's innovation, mobile, and SAP HANA; heard about challenges and opportunities with "Big Data"; gained insight on in-memory computing with the SAP HANA platform; and explored educational resources including a fun competition using the Customer Usage Analytics "test drive" at The students were shown how to learn more about SAP HANA and engage with the SAP community.

Students shared their enthusiasm for SAP and HANA afterward, including “I didn’t know about HANA before today, but now I understand how HANA can enable real time insights from ‘Big Data.’”

The students expressed interest in thinking about HANA applications in public policy and administration, for example in solving challenges for public school districts in the U.S.

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