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SAP Support is re-imagining support for the digital enterprise.

We announced in May 2017 that we would expand our Next-Generation Support initiatives to further improve customer experience in the digital age.

With this announcement came the general availability of Guided Answers.

Guided Answers is an application which helps you troubleshoot and find solutions to your technical problems using a step-by-step guide.  SAP experts document exact steps for analyzing issues and make that available to you.  Guided Answers will grow over time to accommodate new solutions and troubleshooting scenarios.

Here are three reasons why YOU should use Guided Answers:


1) Guided Answers guides you towards the right solution

When you first enter Guided Answers, you will notice how simple it is to use the product.  No instruction manuals are needed.

Perform a quick search, select a tree and walk through step-by-step towards a solution.

At the end of each tree, a solution will be presented for your problem.


Currently, Guided Answers has over 450 trees published.  These trees span across many SAP products such as HANA, BusinessObjects, and SuccessFactors.

Part of the beauty of Guided Answers is how simple it is to create and modify trees.  This allows SAP Support to get you the latest content in a timely manner.

To give you a view of how SAP creates trees for you, here is a peek at one of our most popular trees “How to troubleshoot HANA High Memory Consumption”


2) The more often Guided Answers is used, the smarter Guided Answers will become

At the end of each tree, you have the option to let us know whether your issue was resolved or not.

Clicking either of these buttons will allow us to anonymously track the validity of a tree. Using these metrics, SAP support can see which paths:

  • Led to the best solutions

  • Led to no solution

  • Led to the creation of Support Incidents or Expert Chats.

  • Led to you leaving Guided Answers while providing no feedback into Guided Answers

SAP Support can use this information to maintain each tree’s health index by understanding customer trends and notifying the creators of trees when certain alerts occur.


3) Guided Answers provides you the ability to provide real-time feedback

Guided Answers provides you the ability to give immediate feedback to the creator(s) and editor(s) of a tree.  The owner and editor are notified when feedback is submitted and the feedback is tracked within Guided Answers until it is properly dealt with.

You can provide feedback in two ways.

  1. Through the Give Feedback button

  2. Through the Provide Feedback button, when you choose “No this did not resolve my issue and I need further assistance”


The feedback is completely anonymous unless you choose to leave your contact information.


There you have it, the top three reasons of why you should use Guided Answers.

But to be frank, Guided Answers is just in its infancy stages.  Not only will there be much more content published for your consumption, we will continually enhance the tool.  For example, one change coming soon is an easier way to provide feedback to SAP Support.

With one click of the button, you can let us know if you were happy or sad with the content and as well tell us why you were feeling that way.

So, if you haven’t tried Guided Answers yet, please do.  And remember, if you have any feedback about how we can improve this product, then let us know because we are listening.