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At SAPPHIRE NOW 2014 Orlando, ASUG News broadcast a short segment on how Goldcorp is using SAP Workforce Performance Builder in an effective and innovative way – in fact, a way that breaks out of the standard training mold. I thought I'd share this story. It might be useful in your journey with SAP!

Connie Legault is the Global IT Learning Manager at Goldcorp. About a year ago, Goldcorp determined that it needed additional training for its business. They engaged with SAP Education, and purchased several of our solutions, including of SAP Workforce Performance Builder. At SAP Education's recommendation, they also created the position of Global IT Learning Manager and hired Connie.

A perfect fit

Goldcorp is a gold producer headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Connie was a perfect fit for the company because she came from a mine site where her relentless work on ongoing training resulted in a workforce significantly more productive and ready to embrace change, compared to all other sites. When she became the Global IT Learning Manager, she knew she needed a tool for training, and "poked around" SAP Workforce Performance Builder, for which Goldcorp had a few licenses.  She was impressed and quickly realized that the solution was also a good fit, meeting all her training needs from content development to storing and access.

When she started, she was given the mandate to produce training material quickly.  However she could not get the time from Goldcorp’s SAP subject matter experts – they were too busy with technical work and maintenance.  She gained attention and momentum by setting up a user friendly, appealing site named "GET IT."  All the training material is stored on the site, which is designed like the apple e-magazine app (bookshelf with e-books).  Each course and mine site has its own "e-book."  When you open the book you have content produced with SAP Workforce Performance Builder, including simulations, quick reference cards, and job aids.

Connie also made the GET IT site made available on iPad.  With this appealing site, she visited each mine site to demonstrate the value of SAP’s solution and engage experts in creating training content.  Leaders, SMEs and super users were immensely impressed.  Now it seems that the tide has turned, and experts and resources are being assigned to create training material.

Breaking out of the mold – and achieving great results

In my view, the most powerful aspect of the story is that Goldcorp has broken out of the ADDIE model (yes, our sacred mantra). Connie didn’t go about training with analysis, design, development, implement, and evaluate. Instead, she created the environment necessary for a self-learning organization. People are producing content and consuming content are the same community of specialists at mine sites. They also have full ownership on their training material; they can easily access with iPads and mobile devices, which are quite used in their company.

From left to right: Connie Legault (Goldcorp), Gina Marchese (ASUG News), Claudia Mandelli (SAP Education)

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