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Would you answer 'YES' if asked any of these questions?

1. Do you need to update your knowledge of Transactional Banking to the latest release, SAP for Transactional Banking 8.0?

2. Are you planning to get certified in Transactional Banking 8.0?

3. Are you already familiar with aspects of Transactional Banking 8.0 but want to review content you saw in a class you took several months ago?

4. Are you certified in Transactional Banking 7.0 and don't want to attend live training all over again just to get the delta knowledge?

5. Do you want to get trained on Transactional Banking 8.0 in your spare time (24/7)?

6. Do you need temporary access to a training landscape to practice Transactional Banking transactions?

If you answered 'YES' to one or more of the questions above, then let me introduce to you the SAP Learning Hub, Learning Room, and Live Access for Transactional Banking 8.0!

Take a look at my colleague's SAP Learning Hub-FAQ document and get more information about Learning Rooms and Live Access here.

In a nutshell, you can learn as little as you want, as much as you want, at your own pace, anywhere and at anytime!  With your Customer Edition subscription, you will be able to access the full course content (classroom training materials), full e-learning content (with audio, demos and simulations), and get access to a Learning Room specifically set up to allow you to engage and collaborate with a seasoned instructor and other learners.

Your Learning Hub subscription fee not only gives you access to all the Transactional Banking content, but you'll have access to the full SAP Education library of content.  That's well over 1,000 course titles to choose from for a fee that is about the equivalent of one 5-day class!  How's that for value!

Not sure you want to make the investment just yet?  Register for the Discovery Edition, it's FREE, and take a test drive!

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