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In this fourth entry in the Get a (Learning) Room series, Hay Bouten*, our friendly SAP HANA technology trainer tells you all about the SAP HANA Administration and Operations Learning Room.

The digital highway to become SAP HANA Technology certified

As part of the learning room blog series Get a (Learning) Room,  I was asked to give a little bit more insight into why I think you should sign up to my  SAP HANA Administration and Operations Learning Room.  Being a certified SAP NetWeaver Technology consultant keeps the lights on, literally because your work keeps you busy day and night. Your skills are in high demand, but for how long? IT is a fast paced business and the skills that are hot today can be "so 2015" tomorrow.

The Problem

You need to learn new skills. Looking at your calendar the biggest challenge will be how, when and where! You may not have the time or the resources to travel to an SAP Education training center for a five day classroom training and an SAP Virtual Live Classroom session also might not be an option, because you can't leave that important project untouched for five days.

e-learning might be a solution

SAP Education provides a cloud based learning solution in the form of SAP Learning Hub. With the SAP Learning Hub, you’ll find all the SAP training material in one place. It's available for you 24/7 – whenever and wherever you need it. Using the SAP Learning Hub allows you to self-study at your own pace.

The perfect solution

Hidden gems in the SAP Learning Hub are the Learning Rooms. The Learning Rooms provide you with a social learning experience where you have not only access to the training material, but also access to a real life trainer and other learners. You can interact with the trainer and the other learners in the Learning Rooms via the Collaboration room and there are also scheduled Info Sessions where learning topics are presented in a live video conference. Sounds too good to be true? Then please visit my SAP HANA Administration and Operations Learning Room - I think you will like it!

Introducing the "SAP HANA Administration and Operations Learning Room"

The screenshot below is the landing page in my learning room. It gives a nice impression, but a screenshot can never show the real thing

So why choose my SAP Learning Room?

There are a several good reasons to become a learner in my SAP Learning Room:

1. The Learning Map to “SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP HANA (Edition 2015)” is presented in easy to consume topics that are tailored to the certification. You can consume this 24/7 at your own pace.  

2. For each topic you will find an “Intro Blog” where I explain what to expect and what to learn. I also introduce the eLearning topics with a “Study Guidance”. I also have prepared video demos were I show all kinds of interesting things related to the topic.  As an example in the “SAP HANA Installation and upgrade” I show how to patch an SAP HANA Database in SPS10 which you can watch via the YouTube link below

3. That video you just watched is actually from the upcoming Learning Map Delta SPS10. So if you need to upskill your knowledge on SAP HANA SPS10 technology to be a valuable member on that big SAP HANA implementation project, this is the place to be!

4. You can ask questions and get answers. Just a few days ago one of my learners asked the question “Will the SAP HANA database be restarted, if he only updates the resident hdblcm?” I didn’t know the answer straight away, but I had a training system at my disposal so I could quickly check. Oh, by the way the answer is “No, the SAP HANA database isn’t restarted”.

5. I also schedule “Live Info Sessions”. In these session I present a topic and show a small presentation and give a live demo. This is live, so you can ask questions and also give you input on the subject. For this month I have an info session on the topic “SAP HANA HANA System Replication”. Just for fun I will create a total disaster so that the fail-over kicks in to see the system replication work.

I think these are the most important things that make the Learning Rooms within SAP Learning Hub special. So become a member of my SAP HANA Administration and Operations Learning Room and experience a new way of Social Learning.

For any readers who aren't yet subscribers to SAP Learning Hub, you can sign up to the discovery edition today which gives you access to handbooks, e-learning courses, live learning rooms and more. Sign up at today

So who is Hay Bouten?

Find out more and contact Hay via the links below

twitter: @Hay_Bouten



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