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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

One of the first Learning Rooms we set up was intended for SAP developers. This first Learning Room was a game changer! It combined self-study learning materials with exercises and systems for practicing, collaboration, and active moderation. Overtime, more than 2,000 developers joined the room, learned from each other and from the experts. Instead of just going through some training materials, participants were able to ask questions, upload their examples, share their experience and get feedback on their work. Much more fun than studying on your own! Today, we have more than 40,000 learners in more than 80 Learning Rooms on SAP Learning Hub.

But why did we call them “Learning Rooms” and not communities? The answer is simple. A room is a secure environment, it protects you and is only for a smaller group of people. It is not for everyone, but for learners. Unlike a larger community, a Learning Room has defined learning objectives and just like in a real classroom, there is an instructor guiding and helping you individually.

Today, SAP is offering Learning Rooms on SAP Learning Hub for all major solution areas and important key topics. All Learning Rooms are actively moderated by SAP instructors and experts and allow participants to collaborate and interact with each other. Key elements of a Learning Room are:

  • Learning map with selected self-study materials
  • Discussion forums for knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • User generated content with updates and examples from experts and other learners
  • Live Access Systems (optional): Access to training systems
  • Info sessions (optional): Live and recorded webinars and audio conferences

Many Learning Rooms that SAP is offering on SAP Learning Hub help you with preparing for the certification exam, so you can become a certified associate consultant. But even if you are not interested in certification, you will benefit from the detailed knowledge that is shared in the Learning Rooms.

Keeping Up-To-Date with Learning Rooms

The benefit of Learning Rooms is not only that you as a learner are always able to contact an SAP instructor or expert if you have questions about the training materials; you can also easily stay up-to-date with your topic. The SAP trainer or expert is publishing regular updates and news to which you can subscribe once you have joined the room.

You are interested in your own, customer-specific Learning Room? Even this is possible on SAP Learning Hub now!

Free Learning Rooms on Discovery Edition

Even on the free SAP Learning Hub discovery edition (sign up here) you can now find Learning Rooms, for example you can join the SAP S/4HANA Overview Learning Room. The SAP S/4HANA Overview Learning Room lets you experience the new SAP Fiori user interface of SAP S/4HANA with several video and interactive demos for free. And if you have a question about SAP S/4HANA upskilling, instructors from SAP will answer them.

How to get the most out of Learning Rooms

If you join a Learning Room on SAP Learning Hub it’s important not to be shy. Learning Rooms are made to guide, help and support you on your learning journey. Here are five important tips to help you get the most from Learning Rooms on SAP Learning Hub:

  1. Subscribe to the free discovery edition of SAP Learning Hub to explore Learning Rooms, such as the SAP S/4HANA Overview Learning Room.
  2. If you want to prepare for a solution area or another important topic, subscribe to SAP Learning Hub and join as many Learning Rooms as you want
  3. Update your profile with a photo when you join your first Learning Room – this makes it all much more personal
  4. Subscribe to the e-mail notifications to keep up-to-date. Follow the instructor or other participants
  5. Ask questions, share your ideas and provide feedback in the forum.  Study the training materials featured in the learning map. If you need something or if something is missing just get in contact with the instructor and ask for some more details, an info session or updates

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