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Forever a student

Most college students expect their four months of summer to be a hiatus from being a student in the classroom. As an undergraduate student entering into my senior year of college, I have taken on an internship this summer with SAP in marketing for Global Services. Although I may not be in a class room, I have quickly discovered that my role as a student has continued during my internship at SAP. SAP Learning Hub, student edition has given me the online opportunity to jump start my SAP learning path anytime, anywhere. No pencils, desks, or chairs, just the virtual flexibility to educate myself at my own convenience.

A Quick and Easy Jump Start

From the start, the Learning Hub has been easy to navigate and supportive in my course selection. The home page contains helpful how-to information and spotlights featured content videos that make the concept of e-Learning easy to understand for first time users. After selecting "Learning Content" from the home page, a user has the option of either searching by functionality such as, accounting or human capital management, or simply browsing all courses.

As a new intern I wanted a course that would help me gain a basic foundation knowledge for

SAP's systems and concepts, so I chose to search "SAP overview". Easily enough I was

recommended the "Discovery Preview: SAP Overview" that would cover topics ranging from the basic

functionality of SAP Solutions to learning how to navigate within the SAP system. Since I wanted to familiarize myself with SAP's applications as well as educate myself on the company's

fundamentals, I decided that the course fit my new intern criteria perfectly.

Although the course was expected to take twelve hours to complete, I learned that I had the

leisure to stop and start the course at my own convenience. I was also provided with a percent completion so I could track my progress as I covered each topic. Knowing I could have that kind of flexibility, it seemed like a no-brainer to weave an educational opportunity into my internship schedule while acclimating myself to the new work environment.

Taking on the SAP Overview course, I'm hoping to transition my in-class student skills to SAP employment. With the SAP Learning Hub, student edition I can do both! Gaining the basics at my own convenience is an educational opportunity I can't pass up!

For more information on SAP Learning Hub, student edition, check on these FAQs.

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