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Hello everyone,

To be an SAP Consultant is the dream for any fresher who starts his journey in SAP, Let it be any module, i am currently in SAP BO with 1 year experience and let me share my experience so that you would get an idea as to what has to be done if your a fresher in a corporate company and working under SAP BO team.

1.Know what is SAP BO first:

To work in SAP BO is to know what tools are first present inside it. Say Design Studio, WEBI, IDT or UDT. We must first understand and know what tools come under SAP BO. So get down and start talking to your colleagues in your work place or your team members who have experience in SAP BO and the tools in it. Learn the basics in all and understand what is for what. Say WEBI is for Web based reports and Design Studios you can create interactive dashboards. IDT for Universe creation and henceforth all tools that come under SAP BO. Interact with all your colleagues to understand how SAP BO functions and how one tool fashions another tool.

2.Involve yourself:

Look out in Google the best repository for checking and finding new templates for you to understand how it is used in Design Studio. You can find loads of examples also for various applications that were created and various tutorials like the one SAP themselves have created for Beginners to look into. Start venturing and dive deep. Deep diving happens only when you show interest. Ask and talk to your colleagues to assign you small tasks, be brave and take it a challenge and learn through mistakes.Learn and share your knowledge this way it will help you to obtain a new perspective of seeing the question and finding the solutions to a problem. Interact a lot is the only key to learn and grow. Team Work.!

3.Request for Work:

Ask them and show interest, that you are willing to work and do what it takes to get the work done. Stretch back for a couple of hours and try your hand in the tools which you want to learn in BO, Having knowledge is the greatest treasure for your survival, trust me its knowledge only that will save you in the end of the day. Ask your lead to assign you tasks, let it be documentation work also. Show the interest that you want to prove and make your mark.

4.Interact and know what is happening:

Know what is currently needed in the market, as SAP brings out new tools the old ones go without existence so keep yourself updated on the current whereabouts on which tool and skill set is most sought out and paid well.

5.Which module is a good combo with SAP BO:

I would say SAP BW+SAP BO is a super combo, but yet there is HANA. Certify yourself in HANA and it will bring out wonders in your career as SAP BO+SAP HANA is a most sought out skill set in any corporate company that makes use of SAP tools.

My best wishes to all who are reading this..! Have an awesome SAP Career.