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It is essential that organizations have the ability to reduce operating costs and improve the motivation and performance of the workforce if they’re to drive real business success. Are you fully prepared to face this challenge?

SAP Workforce Performance Builder supports hundreds of companies with content during their marketing and sales funnels, enables the workforce quickly on both business and IT-related changes, boosts the companies’ productivity and lowers operational expenses across all business processes. With the latest enhancements released in April 2014, SAP Workforce Performance Builder is the ideal foundation to create your own success story with ease.

The latest developments of SAP Workforce Performance Builder were made in accordance with our focus on four major pillars to help you develop higher business success:


360° Application Support – Extend the operational scenario

Facing new technologies, changes in learning behavior or project cost overruns are problems many companies have to deal with. 50% of projects are facing cost overruns and far more are running behind schedule. In addition, current technology trends and demographic developments demand new ways to support business transformations and efficiently transfer knowledge. With the latest enhancements, you’re empowered to maximize the ROI for both SAP Workforce Performance Builder software and the rest of your IT landscape.


Content Authoring – Faster time to value

The ability to quickly create cost-efficient, high-quality content while reducing the overall learning and development costs is important to your business. It’s also essential to conserve and distribute existing knowledge across the workforce. But the average effort for creating only one hour of interactive e-learning is extraordinary high and prevents companies from investing. In addition, older employees often struggle to use new technologies which could help to record their knowledge. It is key to involve them because they are the real holders of knowledge.

By using SAP Workforce Performance Builder you can easily get the knowledge from experienced employees to help arm new employees much faster. Your employees will be able to grab the knowledge from wherever it is and bring it quickly to where it‘s needed. All in all, this will lead to reduced time and effort for the creation of any type of documentation, training content, and performance support materials.


Social Learning – Get the most out of your workforce

Maybe you’re thinking, “How will becoming social help me to achieve higher business success?” The answer is quite simple! By using the fast and flexible provisioning and sharing of end user–generated content, the knowledge transfer will be accelerated and productivity be increased. Almost three quarters of your employees will benefit from the quicker access to relevant knowledge by simultaneously reduced costs for content creation. Let your workforce create their own materials, let them share their best practices, and cut down external budgets for cost-intensive authors.


Workforce Experience and Performance – Provide knowledge at the moment of need

The acceptance of learning highly correlates with the way users are able to interact with the provided learning assets and information – the higher the usability of training materials, the better the experience and the better the learning adoption and retention. With SAP Workforce Performance Builder you truly can put corporate knowledge at the fingertips of your workforce and deliver it as interactive, context-aware knowledge to maximize their motivation and productivity.  

You can also be assured that the workforce’s gaps identified during training are closedin time, in advance of “day one” of any upcoming change. Now is the time to maximize workforce productivity with on-the-job guidance whenever needed, and dramatically simplify business processes.


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