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What do you look for in a job candidate? Skills, experience, and education are probably your priorities. But what if there was another option – a way you could know that a candidate will fulfill their role and support your business because they stay on top of the latest technology standards and trends?

Now there is, with the right certification. Certification is a marker of foundational knowledge – and continued learning. So, when a candidate comes to you with a respected, up-to-date technology certification, you can trust that they are among the best at what they do.

Win the competition for top talent

As the cloud becomes increasingly pervasive, more partners are looking for talented consultants who are certified and willing to stay current on this new and evolving technology. This makes for a significantly more competitive talent market. On top of that, candidates and employees have more needs and demands than ever. It’s never been harder to find and retain the right talent. Certification equips you with the tools you need to win the ongoing war for talent in two ways – hiring highly qualified employees and enhancing your existing workforce.

Find the top talent: Certification provides at-a-glance insight into which candidates are highly skilled and motivated. For example, to receive a certification in SAP solutions, a candidate must pass a rigorous and comprehensive exam from SAP. Unlike a physician or certified accountant, technology experts don’t need certification to practice in their field, so a technology certification speaks volumes about those who have received it. The certification says that this candidate has gone out of their way to educate themselves on the latest in SAP technology.

Create your own top talent: You may have some of the best in the business working for your company, but if they aren’t certified, how are your customers supposed to know your employees are a cut above the rest? Customers today increasingly look for certifications. This reassures them that your business can provide the up-to-date expertise they need. This is because up-to-date certification requires continuous learning to pass the latest exam.

On top of that, customers are looking toward the cloud to solve their greatest business challenges and enable their digital transformations. Customers like cloud-based solutions because developers are constantly updating these solutions to meet customers’ needs. But this means that your business must do more to stay on top of these changes as cloud technology evolves.

So, when you hear your peers say that experience is what matters most when choosing a new job candidate, think twice. The basis for that experience – especially if it’s cloud technology – is changing. A candidate who has recently taken an online exam and received a certification from a reputable certification organization has proven that they are committed to advancing their own knowledge and skills and staying current with the latest in technology.

Sharpen your competitive edge

The partner edition of SAP Learning Hub provides the tools, learning content, and practice your employees need to receive certifications from the SAP Global Certification program and to stay current. When a candidate or employee has access to SAP Global Certification and the partner edition of SAP Learning Hub, this means that they are:

  • Equipped with the latest digital learning content to stay current, available 24x7

  • Up to date with comprehensive knowledge of SAP technologies, including cloud solutions from SAP

  • Offered access to two certification exams

  • Empowered to take “one-attempt” certification exams, a new offering that enables consultants to take an exam once and as needed

  • Dedicated to a professional journey of self-improvement and enablement

  • Motivated to learn more about technology

Drive business success with validated SAP solution skills

Certified experts in SAP solution skills can help your business perform better. Differentiate yourself with a skilled and trusted workforce that delivers valued outcomes. Increase efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction with up-to-date solution expertise. Certification affirms your experts’ knowledge and the fact that they are current on the latest in technology, which can boost your reputation.

Today, there’s more reason than ever for your employees to take and pass an SAP Global Certification online exam. The SAP PartnerEdge site will soon go live with a new and improved version of SAP Partner Finder, which matches SAP customers with partners like you who are prepared to meet their technology needs.

All of our partners will need to reenter their business information in the partner finder, and we’ve included new fields to help our customers and partners connect. Now, you will need to list the number of your consultants who have earned certifications through the SAP Global Certification program, as well as their area of certification.

Get your business ready with a competitive differentiation through SAP Global Certification. You can help your employees receive their certification and stay current with the partner edition of SAP Learning Hub.

To find out more about the partner edition of SAP Learning Hub and the benefits of SAP Global Certification, visit us online.