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Would your SAP end users like to learn at their own pace, without feeling like they’ve been shipwrecked alone on island?

On December 3, Amy Feldman and Mark Tarallo from SAP Education in North America will reprise their nautical-themed ASUG Fall Focus presentation about social learning in a webcast starting at 2 p.m. Eastern.


In this session, they’ll discuss how to rescue learners and keep them afloat by blending e-learning and social media. E-learning combined with social media can build user knowledge about how their role fits into the new world – all while allowing them to work at their own pace with minimal disruption to your business.

I spoke with Amy about the session earlier this week.  She promised to make the session fun – as it was at ASUG Fall Focus (minus the Lifesavers).  But she also stressed that she and Mark want to share their real-life experiences and ideas about combining e-learning and social media to help the people in your organization.

Get ready to hoist your sails. Smooth sailing ahead!

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