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Community Advocate
Since a couple of months, we have regularly posted about the new section of “Featured Contributors” on our SAP Community Topic pages. Check out all the different posts by bookmarking the user tag #Featured Contributors Blog Series. You don’t know how bookmarking works in SAP Community? Simply click on the little “plus” icon in the upper right corner. You can find all your #bookmarks.


How to bookmark a page in SAP Community


If you are keen to learn or maybe an SAP newbie, this post might be of special interest for you, because today, I would like to give you more information about SAP Learning Services. The SAP Learning Service topic page connects all the dots to achieve your SAP learning goals. You can get tools and resources that will help you to adopt latest innovations, no matter if you are planning a new SAP project or getting ready for a go live. Even for enabling end users you can find all the needed information in one place.

With achieving an SAP learning offering or an SAP Global Certification you get an SAP open digital badge which offers a visual representation and confirmation of your specific achievement. Get an overview of these open digital badges, and learn about the different badge types, how to earn them, and how to make the best use of them.

Of course, it’s also possible to ask questions in SAP Community and get expert guidance on navigating SAP Learning Services’ vast portfolio of traditional, online, and social learning. Explore updates and news around certifications, exchange experiences and discover new best practices while reading all blog posts and find the right options to help you close the skills gap.

And now, let me give special credits to the Featured Contributors of the SAP Learning Services tag:


Thank you so much for being part of the SAP Community!


Being a Featured Contributor means you have recently been very active in the SAP Community: you have published blog posts or answered open questions, or even commented on existing posts. Engaging like that helps you to stay up to date about SAP products and offerings because SAP Community is our largest ecosystem and digital channel with more than 3 million members. Are you now curious and would like to become a Featured Contributor, too? Review our resources page and get started with taking this Tour the Community tutorial. I am looking forward to your first submissions in SAP Community.

Speaking of being active and engaging in SAP Community, by chance you are going to earn a surprise badge, called Random Day Surprise. Why only by chance? These random days are top secret, and you will only know which day it was, after it happens, and your badge has been assigned. This is a great way of earning one more special badge while simply participating in SAP Community. Check out the mission and badges page and filter for “Just for Fun”-Missions to get more information.

And here is a snapshot of the last Random Day Surprise Badges:


I hope you find it awesome and fun like I do. I am already curious about the next Random Day Surprise and keep my daily activity in SAP Community. Maybe you and I are going to get it next time? 😊


Get started and bookmark the #Featured Contributors Blog Series so you don’t miss next week’s post the topic SAP Extension Suite.