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Being an innovation pioneer within IT is not possible? Find out how IT units can extend their horizon and deliver real business value and speed on the line of business agendas.

The CIO Center for Digital Leadership (CDL team) arranges regularly innovation competitions, which brings three tracks together: students, startups, and SAP employees to involve innovative ideas to solid prototypes to live solutions.
Last year it was about finding the best new mobile app. This competition took place at SAP Headquarters in Walldorf.
The purpose is to give chances for creative and innovative ideas, and improve the work life of employees, productivity of a specific line of business, or manager efficiency.

At the last year’s Mobile App Competition with an impressive 48-hour hackathon, SAP brought together three talent polls:
startups with razor-sharp customer focus,
students with millennial mindsets,
SAP employees who understand company pain points – to design and program productivity apps that have the potential to improve the work-lives of SAP employees and become the next generation business solutions.

The apps successfully completed an Idea-2-Prototype-2-Live process in only a few months. We help these three tracks to successfully manage their ability to innovate end-to-end whilst we guided and supported the teams together with coaches and mentors on the use-case development, user experience, testing, and rollout of their apps among other. From the idea on, all teams prepared their solution app using SAP technology (SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Fiori). We call that SAP's Fast-Track Innovation Approach and support both, our internal lines of business with digital edge solutions as well as our C-level customer audience. We demonstrate them how we at SAP create the next level of digital edge solutions and how they can replicate this process to their lines of business.

Below, you can see into the process of our Fast-Track Innovation Approach.

Business ideas become reality for competition winners

The winners of last year’s competition are available for all almost 80,000 employees at SAP (internal use):

• Job Rotation – An internal job swap with a colleague from different departments.

The application helps getting transparency and find opportunities to change perspective and develop career opportunities.

• Quick Poll - changes the way we decide and involve teams in the decision making and
feedback process with real-time technology.
The application delivers real-time secure polls at your fingertips.

• Roombooking – finding the best available meeting room close where the user is located.

The Application supports finding the closest available room with just two clicks.

Combine the power of major trends: IoT & Big Data -

The theme of our next week’s competition, which will be hosted by the CDL team on site in Palo Alto,USA, is IoT and Big Data and takes place together with SAP development, SAP Mentors, SAP University Alliances, and SAP d-shop.

The showdown event is about 48h coding and guiding the teams of the three tracks together with mentors and professional bringing their innovative ideas to solid prototypes. The participants will pitch their final ideas in front of an expert panel. At the end the winner of the #innotakeoff competition will be determined with an award ceremony.

Find out more on and see our mentioned Mobile App Competition 2015 video : ,

and our new Fast-Track Innovation Approach video :

About us:

SAP's CIO Center for Digital leadership paves new ways for doing business and shapes the future of IT by being the role model for digital leadership with an entrepreneurial spirit and delivering proven digital services, assets, showcases, and stages.

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