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As I start each class I routinely ask “Who has (or has not) taken the prerequisite for this class”.    Inevitably, few hands will be raised and sheepish looks abound.  Then I hear the statement “We were only budgeted for one class.”  I get it. Training budgets are tight; you do need to get the most for your money.  The NA HCM education team has come up with a solution for offering some accelerated training this fall. We’ve bundled some of our most critical and popular courses together into a compressed time frame  which combines two classes into one combined  5 day class.  Sure, we had to cut some content but we tried to be sure to keep the most important elements of each class.

Often when we do a customer course onsite we are asked to customize courses by combining content from multiple courses into one to fit the time and budget available for the project.  We’ve done just that with these courses and bundled commonly requested custom training into some new HCM workshops.  You might be asking what are these courses and what did we combine?  

Well here they are:

  • WNAMSTE – Fast track Intro to HCM and Configuration of Master Data.  This workshop combines portions of HR050, HR305.  This combinations as well as WNAOPA are our most common requested custom classes we see requested for  HCM onsites.
  • WNAOPA – Fast Track Configuration of Master Data and Organizational Management.  This workshop combines portions of HR305 and HR505.  This combination is also a very common onsite request.
  • WNATME – Fast Track Configuration of Time Recording and Time Evaluation.  This combo class includes portions of HR306 and HR311.
  • WNAUTH -   Fast Track Organizational Management and HCM Authorizations.  This class combines content on creating the organizational structures and understanding the hierarchies and relationships that impact SAP HCM Authorizations.  The full HR940 is covered in this combo class.
  • WNAPCP – Fast Track Performance Management and Enterprise Compensation Management includes portions of content from HR510 as well as HR540 content.

The first three in the list will be offered this quarter.  And wait, it gets better.  Did you know we are offering an Instructor discount code for the fall that gives you an additional 5% off the cost of new registrations for this year.  If after a class you register for another classroom or virtual class(es), on our public schedule and use the promotion code INDIS52013, you will receive a 5% discount! 

And now the fine print: This offer is good for classes taken until 12/31/2013, cannot be combined with any other promotions, and excludes P-card with premiums.  To redeem the promotion code, you must call our central registration desk at 1-888-777-1727, option 1 and speak to a registrar.  Hoping to see or hear you in an upcoming class soon!!!

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