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At the Fashion Hack Day in Berlin Fashion Designers and Developers will create digital fashion.

From April 29 until 1st of May 2016 the Fashion Hack Day, the world's first hackathon on fashion and tech, is taking place in Berlin! Within 48h the international avant garde of design and technology will be working interdisciplinary on the future topic of digital fashion. Accompanied by partners from media, science and industry groundbreaking concepts will be developed, which are indicating already today how future’s fashion will satisfy the newly needs of a digital society.

As sponsor of the Fashion Hack Day we offer the SAP Hana Cloud Platform and its Internet of Things (IoT) services for app development and connecting smart fashion into the cloud - a bit different IoT use case :grin:

More than a hundred amazing applications and ideas were submitted! The Fashion Hack Day is taking place at amazing FabLab, one of the biggest maker spaces in Europe! Highly experienced and skilled mentors from all over Europe will help the participants during that time to create their prototypes, which will be presented in a public show.

The final presentations and award ceremony will be taking place in collaboration with Re:publica, one of the world's most exciting conferences on internet and society! Feel free to invite and bring your loved ones, friends and family on Sunday 01.05.16 at 17:30h at StationBerlin! There will be no entrance fee.

See you at the catwalk for digital fashion!

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Hashtag: #FashionHD



P.S.: IoT tutorials in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Developer Center