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I am a junior student who major in information management from Xian University of posts & telecommunications. I met SAP this large company and its company's ERP software in a very casual opportunity. I’m so interested in it that I consulted a great deal of information about it, and knew that is a very powerfully management software, which most Fortune 500 companies are using. There is no doubt that it attracts the people who major in management like me!

In October 2012, our tutor Mr. Feng told me that SAP University Alliance held a competition about dashboards, and the prizes are very attractive, I wished I could compete with those students who study SAP, and improved the ability of learning knowledge. So I participate in the competition without hesitation. This competition let me recognized the importance of autonomous learning and teamwork.

Thank a lot to my great partner Wang Huan, I couldn’t win this game without you! We got the second that is out of our mind, we were very amazing when we knew that news. Thank you Mr. Feng, our tutor, we couldn’t complete this works without your help.

We were glad to be invited to go to the Shanghai International Convention Center to participate in worldwide Developers Conference. I was filled with envy when hearing the award for the first team was that them were invited to attend the SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, I think I must study hard in future immediately. What made me very surprise is the news that Jenny said at the end of conference, we can go to Orlando too! Thank you very much Ms. Ann, Jenny. This is the thing I've never thought about, to me, a guy who had never gone abroad was so excited and shocked, what a fantastic message to us! Our tutor and relatives were very happy to hear that! It is really a big challenge, a good chance and a great honor for us.

Now, SAPPHIRE NOW is coming soon. It is said that there will be some keynote presentations in the conference like Design Thinking Jam, the Human Face of Big Data, Business ByDesign offline Video Training and so on. I want to know more new technology about SAP software, and communicate with variety people because I have great interested in it. I thought SAPPHIRE NOW conference will let me really go deep into the SAP and have a new understanding. I believe it will be a fascinating day! Come on!

I hope there will be more and more competitions and activities, let more and more people are familiar with SAP, participate in our competitions and activities, and join in SAP University Alliance.

Best Regards