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Extraordinary Trainee at SAP Hungary
During the summer vacation, from July to August, SAP Hungary had an extraordinary trainee. Initiated by University Alliances Hungary, Viktor Lates, SAP lecturer at Miskolc University, had the opportunity to spend a month as a trainee, and gained insight the daily work of the three
organizations at SAP. He talks below about the experiences that enriched his SAP knowledge.
„During the first week at the Field service department I had the chance of learning about the general process of implementating a new SAP SCM-APO solution. I've also earned some insights into the managing and client prerequisites of such projects. I've also spent a week with a SNC-HANA development team. Even though ABAP coding practice was out of my reach, I was able to study the Scrum process in real life. It was interesting to see how the team members moved forward the development, step-by-step. They were always willing to answer my technical questions related to general development methods and systems, or to the different approaches of HANA Databases like HANA-SQL or SQLScript.Concerning the last two weeks I spent at the Support dept, it was revealing to see how fluent the support process is: the classification and handling of client support requests are carried out in a very efficient manner. Although I should have known before, getting to know that SAP ERP solution's architecture is generally open source was also eye-revealing: the code can be inspected by the customer, and it can be modified in standard ways, and it can even be debugged by himself, or by a support team member should something gone wrong. A few of the supported modules were already familiar, others were quite unknown to me: I've received some advices related to MM, and also ideas for my future lectures. Two of the modules I haven't seen before were SRM and BW: the examples I saw during my practice made it easier to
understand their working, and realize how these solutions can be used in the enterprise context.In addition, the hospitality of SAP colleagues was welcoming: they were always willing to show me their general tasks, or the modules they're supporting. In brief, my practice at SAP Hungary Ltd. was a great experience, and it will have a good effect on my professional work. I hope we can work together in the future, as well.”