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Hello Enable Now User,

we want announce that we have established AGS services for SAP Enable Now since a while.

For our customers is that very helpful, especially in locations where we dont have the capactiy for consulting round about SAP Enable Now or the customer has now further budget to order a consultant on-site.

All customers with an Enterprice Support contract (or higher level) has a free contigent of Service Days.


What’s an Expert on Demand (EOD)?

Enterprise Support contract includes free of charge support services. Expert on Demand (EOD) sessions as well.
An Expert on Demand session is typically a 2hours session (0.25 of one service day) where customers can book a consultant remotly.

How a customer can book this kind of service?

To order an EOD, please open the SAP Enterprise Academy and search for Enable Now.

Choose the relevant topic, open it and click on the button “Request”. That it.

My team from the Development Support will pick it up from there and find the right expert for your customer.

More information you can find in the following SAP Note: 2224844 - Expert on Demand (AIE-EOD) for SAP WPB


So, please inform your customer, it is a simple click with a big benefit for their projects.