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Hey all!

I am a part of the team 'Kreativ' that came second in the BizTech India competition held in Bangalore. We designed an application called 'Farmisstant'.The application was developed as a web application as well as deployed on smart phones. The application had a very unique IVR system which provided assistance to the users on the phone.

This application was basically to help farmers and acted as a virtual personal assistant for them to help negotiate with the vendors in buying and selling of seeds or other products, helping with suggestions for buying/selling, making of better products, providing a social platform and much more which helps farmers lead a better life and go hand in hand with technology.

Speaking of the experience, it was really a great one for all of us. The whole journey was really amazing. Right from the submission of the business idea to developing the prototype and finally demonstrating it in front of a 5000 strong audience, the experience was wonderful. We got to learn a lot! We, being engineering students, are actually exposed to technical aspects of a product life cycle. But here, we got exposed to business aspect of a product life cycle too . We got to know how things are like in the real world.

The best part of it was the final round. We had DemoJam where we had to present our idea to the audience in 6 mins. Well, this was in fact a very challenging task. But I guess we did a decent job as we are being sent by SAP University Alliances to attend SAP SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, Florida. :grin: :grin:

Me and my team are overwhelmed by this opportunity given to us and excited big time about the fun learning experience awaiting us at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando.