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During CeBIT 2015 the SAP UA Young Thinkers Team was running Workshops about the ERPsimGame and Design Thinking with students.

In the morning the teachers arrived with their students at the MMBbS in Hanover, a cool multi-media school based next to the CeBIT area, were the Young Thinkers workshops took place. After a warm welcome by the school director and a short introduction to the SAP Young Thinker program everybody was ready to start.

At the ERPsimGame workshop the 15 students, 3 apprentices, 5 teachers got an insight into business planning and strategy.

They were working in 4 teams, everyone having a different entrepreneurial role and task and taking business decisions working with a real SAP business system, the same system which is used by big players to run their business.  The teams did order and deliver products, had to decide about investments for marketing campaigns and make sure they run a profitable business. All participants were really excited, have forgotten the time and had lots of fun.

After two rounds of play the winning team was rewarded by lots of applause.  Detailed discussions about the root causes for successful business operations finalized this session.  The feedback round showed that all participants really liked the game. ‘I would love to play an additional round’, ‘This was an interesting and fun experience’, ‘Could we do this again at our school at home?’ were some of many positive feedbacks. Over lunch there was opportunity to share impressions and ideas.

At 1:30 pm the second workshop started introducing Design Thinking (DT) as a very creative challenge solving methodology focusing on empathy and diverse team work. After a short theoretical introduction about Design Thinking, university professors, teachers, apprentices and students worked in 3 diverse teams on the challenge of ‘How can technology improve your learning experience in classrooms’ coached by 3 SAP DT coaches.

The objective was to create innovative ideas to tackle this challenges. All 3 teams had a lot of fun going through the whole DT process guided by their coaches and came up with 3 different solution proposals which were all very innovative and interesting.

At the end of the workshop at 6:30pm the teams presented their ideas to the whole audience.

Getting to know Design Thinking was a great experience for all participants. Everybody learned a lot and was excited about the interactive teamwork experience. ‘Was really cool, I found it very interesting and fun’, ‘ This is a good methodology which can be applied in many contexts’, ‘I liked the teamwork most’, ‘I liked I could contribute and do something productive‘, were just a few out of many feedbacks we received after the workshop.

Thanks to everybody taking part, for your motivation and feedback!