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Ms. Karin Reissenauer and Ms. Anjali Ramburn of the University of Cape Town, South Africa, in their capacities as ESEFA representatives, visited Mauritius to present the ESEFA project to universities.Two institutions were visited:

University of Technology Mauritius

The presentation was well attended by 10 academics from the following disciplines – School of Business Informatics & Software Engineering, School of Business Management & Law, School of Accounting, Finance & Economics, School of Innovative Technologies & Engineering and the School of Sustainable Development & Tourism.

ERP topics are already part of a number of programmes and UTM is keen to integrate ESEFA curriculum from 1st semester i.e. August 2014. UTM is very keen to partner with ESEFA and is able to integrate the curricula into at least 4 disciplines in the long-term.

Image 1 - ESEFA delegation with UTM team

University of Mauritius

The presentation was attended by 5 academics from the following disciplines - Mechanical & Production Engineering, Virtual Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies, Sociology, and Quality Assurance.

Image 2 - Dr. Fareeda Khodabocus (UoM), Karin Reissenauer and Anjali Ramburn

UOM have already integrated ERP topics in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Systems, Energy Systems, Production,  Operations Management, Industrial Engineering & Management, Operations & Logistics Management, Law and Management.

The ESEFA curriculum in short couse format can be taught in the next academic year (starting August 2014) to level 3 students on B.Eng. Mechanical/Manufacturing and Mechatronics Engineering (about 100 students on level 3).

UOM is very keen to partner with ESEFA and is definitely able to integrate the curriculum into Mechanical & Production Engineering Dept.  Possibility also of integrating into Faculty of Law & Management (Management & Accounting.There is a possibility to train 100 students by December 2014 if able to integrate from August 2014.