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On February 25, 2015 another ESEFA project meeting was held between the project managers and lecturers of the University of Zambia, namely Dr. Jackson Phiri (Head of the Department of Computer Science) and Selvas Mwanza (lecturer in Computer Science) and ESEFA Project Manager Patrick Wirz (OVGU Magdeburg) at the premises of the University of Zambia in Lusaka. After visiting the university campus and the computer labs the project members met with the lecturers to discuss the future project coordination at the University of Zambia.

ESEFA Meeting at the University of Zambia (UNZA) (from left to right):

Mr. David Zulu (lecturer), Mr. Martin Phiri (lecturer), Mrs. Leena Kumar (lecturer), Mr. Selvas Mwanza (lecturer), Dr. Jackson Phiri (Head of Department), Ms. Sylvia Malwele (Departmental Secretary), Mr. Clayton Sikasote (Staff Development Fellow), Mr. Patrick Wirz (ESEFA Project Manager OVGU), Mr. Andrea Theu (lecturer)