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In 2006, the Design & Technology department of Erasmus University College started a Business IT specialization module within the Applied Computer Science degree program, to accommodate for the imminent need for SAP-profiles on the labor market.

Erasmushogeschool, Nijverheidskaai 170, 1070 Anderlecht, België

The Computer Science program trains undergraduate students to become digital experts with a broad and comprehensive ICT profile in applications, business and infrastructure-components. On the other hand, students have the ability to specialize in the field of networks & security, software engineering or business IT. In the latter case, they choose for a range of subjects within the functional as well as technical Enterprise Resource Planning field. The students acquire the necessary basics of business processes in order to apply their knowledge within a SAP environment, hosted by the SAP University Alliance. Within their pecialization program, they learn how to work within the SAP environment, and how to program in the ABAP language. Upon graduation, after an international) internship, they are ready for immediate integration into one of our partner companies, as junior SAP consultants or ABAP developers, with extensive career opportunities ahead of them.

Also, Erasmus University College helps in closing the gap between the availability and the need of skilled and qualified SAP specialists by offering the Business IT program in blended distance learning, in order to enable IT employees for retraining.

The Erasmus University College is since many years a full member of the SAP University Alliance Program. Because of this membership they have access to learning material of all kind via the UA Learning Center reachable through This year they will support the SAP certification possibilities for their students on ABAP development which creates more visibility for their graduates inside the SAP ecosystem (SAP, Partners and Customers).

For the October 2014 they will also host a SAPcodeJam, a competition for young developers from different Universities and University Colleges to show their competence in one of many SAP development related topics. Follow the date announcement on

Please find out What do over 1,500 developers in 33 cities around the world have in common?

Since 1 January 2014 SAP has strengthens their support of University, University Colleges and Students in Belgium and Luxembourg by giving this task to a full time SAP University Alliances Country Manager, working for the global SAP University Alliances Team but close together with the local SAP ecosystem.

For contacting us please mail to:

WEEMAELS Steve Erasmus University College

WOIDT Michael SAP UA SAP Belux

SAP Evere, Avenue des Olympiades 2, Olympiadenlaan 2, B-1140 Brussels