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In today’s episode of the SAP Education NewsCast, Christoph Haffner talks with Lars Satow and David Chaviano about SAP Learning Hub (LH) and the latest improvements on this solution. Lars is part of the Learning Experience and Design Team of SAP while David is a Solution Manager for SAP Learning Hub.

What is SAP Learning Hub?

SAP Learning Hub is a digital learning platform for anything SAP-related. It offers a large variety of digital learning formats such as e-learnings and e-books and virtual learning rooms. SAP Learning rooms are basically digital communitites where you have the possibility to talk to peers and experts - next to that you also can access SAP systems via SAP Live Access.


What makes SAP Learning Hub so unique?

SAP Learning Hub is not only a learning platform for self-paced learning but it also for collaborative learning. Learners are supported by trainers and experts in groups, rooms and communities. They can ask questions, practice skills, share experience and interact with other people. Especially now, during the pandemic, this can be seen as a clear benefit as you can still learn and get certified.

What makes it so unique is the combination of self-paced learning, collaboration and practicing.


SAP Learning Hub learning content

SAP Learning Hub offers a large span of topics to learn. It ranges from traditional ERP training to new topics sich as SAP S/4 HANA cloud or other SAP-specific solutions. Basically, there is a learning journey for any SAP solution available which guide you through the learning process and prepare you for a global SAP certification exam. SAP Learning Hub also offers learnings about innovations and new solutions.

All in all, there are more than 5000 learning assets available with a total of 200 learning journeys.


What are Learning Journeys?

Learning Journeys are visual maps which illustrate the path from being a beginner to becoming an expert. It is basically a visual guideline which shows you where to start and where to end but also how to keep up to date. It also provides access to all the learning rooms and courses.


NEW: Improved SAP Learning Hub Experience

SAP Learning Hub is being continuously improved based on user-research and on surveys. Just recently the homepage was completely redesigned and offers a new navigation and search experience. Users have now access to their relevant learnings faster than ever. They can find all the relevant materials and the courses they have started in their learning plan. You can also find and add new learning to the plan with just a couple of clicks or take a look at the learning journeys that are recommended to your specific needs.


NEW: SAP Learning Hub Student Edition

SAP also offers access to SAP Learning Hub to students – with a discount of course! A set of learning journeys is promoted to university students to kickstart their career. They are provided with affordable learning journeys, while the content is still on a professional level. Achieving certifications in advance surely grants some benefits over the competition later. Especially now during the pandemic, students can use their free time to achieve some certifications and pursue their career goals.

Simply google SAP Learning Hub or visit for more information.


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