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Have you ever wanted to take an SAP class but could only find virtual classes and you wanted to attend the classroom session? Or have you ever wanted to take an SAP class but could only find classroom classes and you did not have travel budget to attend? You could wait for the next class, which might be in 3 or 4 months but you need the training now. One of my favorite new initiatives from SAP Education is Learner’s Choice (LC), to give learners a choice as to how they want to attend class. I am excited about this initiative as it puts the power of choice into the Learner’s hands as to how they want to engage in learning.

Learner’s Choice (LC) schedules a classroom class and a virtual class at the same time to give learners a choice of how they want to attend the class. You might think that this is nothing new, but SAP has partnered with Microtek and Exit Certified to provide a different type of remote learning environment. Students can attend classes via video conferencing and be more a part of the class. Not only can students see the presentation, the instructor, the system, but also other students in the class be they remote or in the classroom. That means even if you are a virtual student you become a part of the class and can engage more effectively in class discussions.

You can check it out to see how this works by visiting Microtek or Exit Certified websites or just click the links to watch a short youtube video.

In some of my LC classes we’ve had students from Brazil, Europe, and the US as well as classroom students in the US. With the video presence it was easier to have class discussions and everyone, even remote students, could participate easily. We also had personal discussions which took place prior to class and during breaks. It was almost as if the remote student were in the classroom with us.

So how can you tell if the class you are interested in is an LC class? Currently, you will see two classes scheduled at the same time, one for the classroom and one for the virtual as in the screen shot below. The classroom session will be marked with (Learner’s Choice) in the location field to indicate it is an LC scheduled class and the virtual will be marked with LC Hybrid in the location field.

To see which classes are currently be offered as Leaner’s Choice classes you can access the list here with links to register for the class. These classes either currently have Learner’s Choice classes scheduled or will have soon. So if you don’t see the class you want now please check back later.

This definitely makes it more convenient for everyone to attend classes in their preferred mode. As such, the expectation is that you will participate fully in the video conference by having your video camera switched on during the class to take full advantage of all the benefits and make this the best possible experience for you and others.

I know SAP Education is working on ways to optimize the learning experience in the classroom, virtual, and in the registration process. I would look for more changes as SAP Education empowers customers, not only by giving you the knowledge you need but also to give you control of your learning experience.