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For the first time, in France a student Demojam has been attended at one of our main annual events, the d-kom Paris 2016. SAP’s strength stays its ability to connect people, objects, people with objects and objects with people. On March 10th, the SAP Labs in France have proved how well they know to contribute during a unique and high added-value event which welcomed more than 400 developers, but also three customers, one partner and 4 French universities, around the SAP strategy, technologies, use cases, and the future of the IT world.

At the same time, to highlight the program, it was offered to SAP AU to host a pod all day long.

In preparation of this Demojam, SAP UA France and Maghreb has launched, in January 2016 its first local DataGenius Challenge between schools. The invitation was the following :

4 themes:

• Health & Social Impact Alliance,

• Galactic League of Entertainment & Sports,

• Guild of Technology & Scientific Discovery,

• Business & Trade Federation

4 Technologies:

• SAP Lumira •

SAP Lumira Cloud

• SAP Predictive Analytics


The winner will be selected and awarded at d-kom Paris 2016 !

After several twists, including the UIT Tunisian students forfeit for visa issue, 4 schools, ESILV, UIT Le Havre, CESI et ESIGELEC have exposed their project during Demojam in front of the 450 participants.

Even if a dozen students have made the travel to Paris for the Demojam, 30 of them have worked on the DataGenius challenge with the opportunity to be coached by SAP experts.

Fight Club Analytics by CESI is an application witch compares and creates statistics for United Fight Club community.

SAP à tes études by IUT Le Havre is an application helping students to forecast their studies path.

ELDERS by ESIGELEC is an application for intergenerational assistance

WieB by ESILV is an application for travelers to choose their food with their nutritional preferences.

Congratulations to Claire, Fabien, Bilale, Pierre et Naïra of ESILV for their project Where is eating Brian ?

Please discover hereafter the d-kom highlight !

Gathered in plenary session and welcomed by Clemens Daeschle, acting Ops Lead SAP Labs in Paris, d-kom participants are invited to enjoy this day to learn more about the company’s strategy and to celebrate innovation.

Then, after a short video message from Bernd Leukert, Head of P&I, wishing them a good d-kom, the event can begin.

The Master of Ceremony, Thomas, this year is accompanied by a woman, Kendall, to ensure the show. Throughout the morning, the pair plays funny and pungent skits to which even our customers participate in (when Darth Vader arrives on stage, who could guess that under the mask this is our customer Faurecia representative!).

Their pleasure is contagious and their humor, offbeat, sometimes sophomoric but always benevolent, does not leave indifferent.

These interludes serve as recreational breaks between great, interesting and transparent presentations.

From the opening keynote led by Juergen Hagedorn, Head of P&I Analytics Product Management, we will note the call to action i.d. to concretize in our products the SAP vision: deliver an end-to-end portfolio of solutions, thus integrated and connected.

To show an example, Juergen invites on stage Jean-Baptiste Gautron to present a demo on HCP Predictive Analytics. As an example, presentations from Mederic Leborgne on IoT and Timo Elliott on Analytics trends get back on the needs for the industries to rethink their business model and how SAP – and the dev group – must continue to integrate that dimension through its proposal of solutions and platforms. “That era has now arrived”. What better way to illustrate than customer testimonials?

Thus, Faurecia and La Gendarmerie Nationale (French army), two of our guests invited at this d-kom edition, talk about their activities and SAP offer, detailing their needs and expectations. They gave so franc presentations about their implementation of SAP products that everyone can understand what is going well and what is going less well. The freedom of their speech is significant and seems appreciated by the entire audience that can measure here their willingness to strengthen their connections with SAP.

This wish of collaboration with SAP has been transmitted by Galigeo too. Galigeo is a SAP partner for long years now, they fully integrates SAP products (WebI, Design Studio) into their own tools. During d-kom they take the opportunity to give relevant and eloquent use cases that illustrate the value of the partnership between our two companies. The bell rings to end recess. Not quite yet. In the lobby, the ballet of appetizers and canapés comes into scene. A firework of colors and flavors that delight as they satiate.

The interlude ended, the afternoon begins with a DemoJam of students from partner schools. Despite the pressure they have, the 4 teams manage to make great presentations and the jury mentions the great ideas they had meanwhile specifying they would have appreciated to see more prototypes Analytics, HANA, Engineering Excellence and User Experience are the main themes of the day.

Presentations, slides, demos and questions punctuate the sessions. Some even attract so much that seats are no longer sufficient. The agenda, however well filled, was not enough to cover the intensity of the day. Meanwhile, at the different floors, visitors interested in the booths (Concur, PMCS, University Alliances, User Assistance & WebI) can initiate discussions and enjoy personalized demonstrations. The day comes to its end. But before to close another intense and meaningful d-kom edition, there is a last chance to connect with colleagues: the evening party! Music and dance have other codes but enable to connect and celebrate too – and we could see some innovation in this area too.