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During 3 days, 30 lecturers representing 15 SAP UA members have been attended to the annual workshop SAP UAP 2014 at Montpellier organized by SAP ACC the 7th of July 2014.

The South of France has been this year the meeting point of our SAP UA French community.

Hosted by the IAE de Montpellier, well organized by the cheerful Celine Averseng, this workshop has been a nice opportunity for our members to learn and share together.

3 sessions have been organized and animated by Werner Maier, Niklas Maier, Maxime Nowak and Frédéric Morand : 

1st for our new member lecturers, Train the Trainers :

This session is dedicated to the SAP ACC services and educational material discovery as the information plateforms, SAP ECC 6.0 introduction to GBI SD, MM and PP or the SAP training organization.

2nd for our expert member lecturers, Specification :

SAP member lecturers have the opportunity to improve their SAP skills and knowledge.

3rd for our bravest member lecturers, Certification TERP10 first part :

SAP member lecturers have the chance to get SAP TERP10 certification. This training is split in 2 training sessions, one in July and a second in September. At the end of these 2 weeks, they will be ready to have the certification exam.

More than training sessions, it is 3 days of exchanges and experiences sharing.

Montpellier reserved beautiful evenings to the participants with one dinner on the beach and one memorable world cup semi-final, Germany- Brazil.

Let’s meet next year again !