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Product and Topic Expert
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Digital transformation, home-office, virtual classrooms, digital learning are the topics of this episode discussed by Christoph Haffner & Thomas Jenewein (me :-)), the podhost of the EducationNewscast.

But in these days when a pandemic virus crisis is shutting down social life, schools, kindergartens, stores, bars, restaurants and other businesses, these topics got more attention than ever. Many people try to make the best out of this situation and want to learn and acquire new skills using training offerings.

SAP Training goes remote

But how do these events affect SAP and how is the current situation in SAP Training?

“Over the last days and weeks we closed more and more trainings centers”. All offerings that normally took place in a classroom format were moved to more than 2000 SAP Live Class events worldwide.

What were the reactions received from the participants regarding SAP Live Class?

“[…] you cannot copy it one to one”, while underlining that based on satisfaction surveys “feedback is pretty good and sometimes even better than in the classroom”.


Digital Learning initiative for stundents & schools

In order to support the demand for learning offerings, SAP has recently launched a new Digital Learning initiative addressing students, schools and professionals. With openSAP a new free learning offering for university students including system access and global certification with SAP Learning Hub, the SAP Young Thinkers program & HPI school cloud for schools, SAP is offering even more innovative digital educational. In cooperation with the Hasso Plattner Institute, an IT infrastructure is being deployed and Info-kits are being provided to schools in need.

Tips for remote Learning

Next to this offerings we also discuss the tips and tricks for learning effectively remote. These tips are part of a blog and wiki to help people learning remote:

  • Make sure you have the right furniture, improvise and adapt your workplace to make it comfortable to work.

  • Make sure to have the essential equipment, such as a headset etc., and useful applications installed on your mobile phone and notebook.

  • Differentiate between work and private life – make breaks, maintain your personal relationships, exercise, establish a daily routine.

Last but not least, Thomas reveals some basics for self-organized learning, like

  • Set goals, block time slots in your calendar, start with small tasks and reflect your results.

  • Get yourself a learning buddy who reflects your progress and also to keep your social interactions intact.

Beside all digital work that can be done from home, there are many people who keep the physical real world running - such as nurses, doctors, bus drivers, people working in supermarkets, police... the list is long. Kudos and a big THANK YOU from the EducationNewscast!

Links & Shownotes:

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