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Welcome to another episode of the SAP Education NewsCast. In the today’s episode, Thomas Jenewein (me), host of the podcast series and Chris Dwyer discuss the topic Learning Experiences as well as how to drive adoption of learning.


Experience Economy – What does this mean?

The experience economy focusses on the creation of memorable, unique and personalized experiences for customers in order to drive brand loyalty.

What are you doing in terms of Learning advisory at SAP?

Chris believes believe that learning is the key driver of user adoption, and the only path to real, long-term, sustainable business success for our customers. This year Chris has beed leading a global transformation effort within SAP to deliver a new advisory offering to help our customers across all cloud lines of business to use learning as an adoption driver. Our cloud customers can now engage Chris team (free of charge) to have a tailored plan around all things related to learning, including how to approach change management, guidance on relevant learning journeys for administrators, support teams and project teams, advice on best practices around user enablement and adoption, including learning strategy, needs analysis, and how they can approach content build and deployment.

Impact of Learning Experience (LX) in the Experience Economy

Basically, Customer Experience cannot be done without User Experience. And User Experience cannot be done without learning. With this being said, a good learning approach thus underpins everything that is done within an experience economy. What is the experience economy about? It is all about creating memorable, unique and personalized experiences for our customers. That is how you drive brand loyalty. You can’t do that with a bot. To be successful, you need your people to be enabled, empowered and engaged to deliver those great experiences. And this is where learning is key.

How to improve the Learning Experience

Content is king – but context is queen (or as i put it: King Kong 🙂 ).
In order to improve the Learning Experience within an organization, it is necessary to provide context-oriented learning and to support so called “moments that matter”. Learning needs to be available on-demand, to be used right at the point and time of need. That is how you ensure that learning has the greatest impact.

How does SAP Training and Adoption drive customer success?

Learning is something that requires a broad communication. It is something that happens on a daily basis within each and every single employee and thus can be seen as an internal process that all go through.

Organizations who understand this aspect and create enough space for it to develop properly are proven to be more successful, innovative, productive and have a better overall performance.

This is why SAP focuses on making learning available from anywhere at any time, using tools to accelerate content development and to deliver content in a variety of formats – with the ultimate goal to reduce learning barriers and make customers more successful.

3 Tips for companies to make learning sustainable

    1. Teaching and learning are not the same thing according to 70:20:10. Make sure you account also for the informal learning.

    2. That includes user generated learning! Favourite question to ask…

    3. This is not just about learning the next set of skills you need. Shelf-life for skills is getting shorter all the time. Focus on how to build resilience in your organization by focusing on how to make learning an everyday occurrence

Example: How SAP Learning Hub and SAP Enable Now contribute to continuous learning

These tools support the idea of the daily learning. There is for example a customer that implemented SAP Enable Now right at the beginning of an implementation project: Sydney Water. Doing this, the customer was able to document all processes from an early stage, which then lead to an acceleration of the deployment of training related content in order to support the role out. More importantly, now that they are live, they are still using the performance support capabilities to ensure that their users have access to relevant content in a variety of formats to consume at any time, whilst working in the live system. This makes for a happy marriage, as they continue to live with their new system.

Tips for your own development

My team – I learn a lot from them every day. Surround yourself with smart, dedicated people, and learn everything they have to teach you.


Thank you for tuning in! We are looking forward to having you with us next time! Would be great if you can share the podcast on social media, like it on Apple podcasts. And we are always thankful if you share your lessons learned from the talk like in the comments below.


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