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Hi there and welcome to our new episode of the SAP Education Newscast.

In this issue our host Christoff talks about the importance of Learning Journeys with Barbara Durrenbach from SAP Ireland, who is an expert on this topic.

Barbara joined the company about 20 years ago and is now the product owner for the Learning Journey within SAP.

What does Learning Journey actually mean and what is the concept behind it?

A learning journey is a kind of visual guide based on a product or role, which leads you through the jungle of learning offerings from all the different platforms.

With other words: it helps you achieve your learning goals and to provide a simple access to the content by making the selection of learning offerings as simple as possible.

So for example if you are interested in S/4HANA learning content, you can find a corresponding learning journey with a visual guide that leads you through all the various offerings covering this content.


The concept of Learning Journeys – the four basic scenarios

There are actually four different scenarios which structure and consolidate the learning offerings in a user-friendly way.

  • The Overview Scenario: In the overview scenario, you usually start with content that provides you a basic understanding of a product.

  • The Competence Scenario: If on the other hand you are interested in receiving a certificate, the competence scenario helps you to find all the required learnings in order to gain it.

  • The Stay Current Scenario: Once completed the certification, you need to stay up-to-date by acquiring delta knowledge. The stay current scenario helps you to find the offerings in order to fill the gaps.

  • The Expansion of Skills Scenario:Last but not least, this scenario helps you to expand your other skills.


You do not necessarily need to go through all scenarios. They simply help you to structure your learning content, so you can find what you are looking for in a convenient way.

Why do you need Learning Journeys?

SAP has become a huge company over the years, offering numerous solutions and operates many  learning platforms.

For example, there is the free learning platform OpenSAP, the premium platform called Learning Hub, but also a help portal which offers documents.

The purpose of the Learning Journey is to reduce complexity and to improve transparency by combining all the offerings from all the platforms, including platforms such as YouTube or even on-site classroom learning, with the ultimate goal to provide structure to the learners and to guide them towards their learning goal.


Simple concept, positive feedback – What users think about it

The feedback is great – and users can really see an improvement in terms of convenience and transparency. Based on a customer experience evaluation with 500-700 participants each month, the average feedback results in 89% of positive impressions, counting more than 3.6 Million-page views in total.

Of course, there is always room for improvement and the work is still in progress. One of the main goals that is being worked on is to personalize Learning Journeys more for an even better Learning Experience in future!


Learning Experience and Learning Journeys

The learning journeys certainly contribute to a positive Learning Experience!

The clear structure, the visualization, the improved transparency in terms of progress, offerings and even personalized offers are the benefits.



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Thanks for listening, we are looking forward to having you with us next time again! Also great if you could send us feedback here or on Apple Podcasts.