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To keep up with the increasing pace of product innovation, it has become more important than ever for customers, partners and SAP professionals to keep knowledge up-to-date. While in the on-premise world delta training used to be a rather special use case for the few involved in early “Ramp-Up” projects, the need for continuously updating product skills has become the norm in the light of quarterly (in parts even faster) Cloud software and technology release cycles. To best support such life-long learning ready for the Cloud, we are now elevating the well proven Early Knowledge Transfer program (EKT) into mainstream, as an integral part of our standard Learning Journeys, where it is represented as “Stay Current” learning.

For each relevant SAP product/topic and role, “Stay Current” now represents one of the four major learning scenarios that make up a Learning Journey, next to “Start with an overview”, “Become fully competent” and “Expand your Skills”. Stay Current learning offers a compelling digital experience, designed for updating skills in minimum time. Learning content can be consumed in targeted modular pieces, which may be complemented by live sessions, videos, web-assessments and sandbox systems for hands-on access, making it fast, focused and easy for the learners to stay up to speed. This is rounded off by social learning capabilities in the respective product’s Learning Room which serves as the anchor point for Stay Current learning.


How to Access Stay Current Learning:

Stay Current learning is offered via our digital SAP Learning Hub platform for customer and partners. Thereby we can publish each learning element the second it is available to our global learning audience, getting learning availability closer and closer together with the release of new software features and functionalities. Links SAP Learning Hub

To explore Stay Current learning offerings for a product, simply refer to the respective Learning Journey which you can access publicly on the SAP Help Portal as well as inside SAP Learning Hub with direct access to all of the enablement content.