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SAP University Alliances has been very active in promoting the innovation potential of SAP HANA at universities throughout the world. The most recent event was the SAP InnoJam at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover. 108 students from 15 countries came together for 36 hours to work on specific challenges addressing a road range of topics such as the student information system or the future of banking. The “can do” spirit at the event was fantastic and the best solutions won an award.


Now it is time to make the next step. We not only want to inspire students to design new applications on the HANA innovation platform but also help them to turn their ideas into a viable businesses. Therefore we created the SAP Student Entrepreneurship Program which was officially announced last week at CeBIT 2014 and d-code Shanghai. Students participating in the entrepreneurship program will be able to use SAP software free of charge to develop applications and will be assisted by SAP experts. A comprehensive training program will provide the necessary technical background on SAP HANA as well as SAP® Mobile Platform via openSAP and courses at their universities. Students will also be trained in the Design Thinking methodology and in business and financial modelling. The aim is to support students along the entire process from an idea all the way to building a successful startup.

Many of our 1.600 partner universities worldwide already have seed programs or entrepreneurship centers. We will work with those centers to make our program known and organize SAP Entrepreneurship Boot Camps to provide the basic training and turn ideas into concrete product and business plans.


Once students have set up their business, they have the opportunity to participate in the SAP® Startup Focus program and receive free-of-charge technical support, consulting and marketing services from SAP.


“The biggest thing we have learned in our 40 years as an enterprise applications company is that there are not enough applications in the world”, in the words of our head of development, Vishal Sikka.

Find out more under the UA Website.