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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Over 10,000 openSAP users have joined SAP’s chief design officer, Sam Yen, to learn about SAP’s UX Strategy in a Nutshell. SAP’s user experience (UX) strategy is aimed at bringing great products to SAP customers. Using the principles of design thinking, we maintain our core value of listening to our customers’ needs and quickly incorporating their feedback into SAP products.

To date, users have enjoyed hearing directly from Sam and there have been many fruitful discussions in the discussion forum. Here is just some of the feedback to date:

I like the way the course is moving and Mr.Sam Yen was very clear with the teaching the required things for a starter like me. It was easily understandable.

The course is broken down well and the course subject very clearly explained by Sam. I was particularly impressed with Sam's honesty about the consumerization of IT, the failings of previous SAP UX experience, and also the challenge of bringing a consumer experience to SAP applications. I look forward to the next course on introduction to Fiori UX.

Indeed, great overview provided by Sam. Easy to consume, fun to listen to. I'm looking forward to more openSAP courses on UX topics

The entire course and its structure was nicely given. And Mr. Sam Yen made it more interesting by giving it in simple and understandable presentation. It’s good to know how SAP is considering UX and designing paradigm for its future products. For me SAP Screen Personas was something new and more interesting.

As a long timer in the industry I am used to 'upgrading' the server or O/S, and migrate the database as well as applications each time a 'patch' or 'version' was released! With technologies and languages being born like rats every two to three years it never occurred to me that the UX is such a big deal. Thanks to Sam's lucid presentation, I now realize how vital it is for the enterprises and how much 'grief' can be avoided just by

adopting the 'design thinking principles' that is currently being advocated by SAP in a big way!

The course will remain open after the course closes but for those interested in earning a Record of Achievement, the course assignment closes Wednesday, October 22, and the course content will take just two hours to complete.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll today for free and see where the SAP user experience is heading!

Introduction to SAP Fiori UX is also running on openSAP and there is a chance for you to win an iPad when taking part in the SAP Fiori UX Design Challenge. Find out more here!