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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Are you aware that when it comes to learning about SAP software there is an engaging and innovative way to gain and maintain skills in SAP technology? SAP offers a full digital learning journey for people who like to learn about SAP. SAP Learning Hub, the largest learning platform for learning about SAP, is the core platform for the journey.

The cloud-based enterprise learning management solution enables people to learn the ins and outs of SAP software systems and allows them to update their skills regularly with regard to implementation, operation and use. SAP has delivered a seamless, modern user experience providing quick, easy access to learning content specific to individual needs. SAP Learning Hub has a tool or solution for every type of learner and an abundance of training material.

You are not yet one of 330,000 subscribers, yet? We recommend you try it by becoming a subscriber to the for free SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition. According to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary a simple definition of discovery is the act of finding or learning something for the first time. That’s why the discovery edition was created. It provides access to a limited version of SAP Learning Hub – allowing you to discover the value and benefits of a full subscription to SAP Learning Hub. It includes more than 120 SAP training titles, some of them available as full courses, some as abstracts. So you can get a good understanding about the hub and you can already benefit from the content provided to build or maintain your SAP skills.

SAP Learning Hub subscribers can also access e-books provided by the world’s largest e-book publisher The also fastest growing e-book publisher contributes more than 500 books covering a large variety of soft skills topics such as time management, leadership, meeting management, and many more to SAP Learning Hub. In discovery edition you can access 10 selected e-books, for example:

  • Boost your memory – and sharpen your mind
  • Excel 2013 Core: Intro
  • Mastering LinkedIn
  • Self-Confidence at Work
  • Become the leader you are

Do you like to try out SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition? It is free for anyone and access is quite simple:

  1. If you have already an SAP User Account, simply 'Log On', for registration to SAP Learning Hub on SAP Education Training & Certification Shop.

  B.    If you don’t have an SAP User Account yet, create one by filling in the registration form and click “Submit Details”.

After successful registration, provide the credentials of your newly created SAP User Account and “Log on” (see A.)

With SAP Learning Hub, you’ll find all the SAP training you need in one place – whenever and wherever you need it!

Are you now ready to explore SAP’s digital learning journey? Discover SAP Learning Hub!