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A new functionality called talent directory is available in Credly for everyone with an SAP digital badge. This directory serves as a search functionality in Credly to help recruiters or anyone interested finding SAP certified professionals.

The directory allows multiple filtering options, such as:

  • Badges – find somebody certified in a specific solution you are interested in:

  • Skills – filter after specific skill sets:

  • Location – if you’re looking for somebody in a specific region:

  • Name – you can also filter after the names, for example if somebody was recommended to you by name but you want to inform yourself about their achievements:

If you earned an SAP digital badge and you want your profile to be included in the directory, you can opt-in to the directory in order to be found. This way you can promote your achievements in addition to sharing your badges on social media and gain more visibility from recruiters or organizations.

How to opt-in:

  • Login to your Credly account and go to “Settings”

  • Under “Privacy + Security”, you can allow your profile to be visible to others and included in the directory. You can also allow others to contact you via your profile:

Go check out the directory here.