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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Need to listen to the session again, take a look at answers to the discussion questions, or maybe you didn't get a chance to join us live?

Here you can find all the info on our webinar session including the recording as well as answers to the questions raised during the session (see below).

If you are looking for more information about application adoption read more in the previous blog post here.


1.   Is this confined to SAP applications or can it be used across other applications? If not just SAP what are the limitations on the applications that can be assessed?

è Ilya: SAP UEM by Knoa which is sold directly by SAP is only for SAP applications.  Knoa Software does provide monitoring solutions for other non SAP applications.  Please visit Knoa’s website for a list of supported applications and capabilities.

1.   I'm a partner focused solely on WPB so this software obviously has a synergy with WPB. What is the licensing model, cost and implementation process for KNOA?

è Ilya: SAP UEM by Knoa is on the SAP price list.  The SAP Account Executive can provide this information.

1.   Is the BO license included in the Knoa license?

è Ilya: Customers may leverage their existing BO licenses if available.  If no BO licenses are available, Knoa will provide the licenses as part of the implementation.

1.   How does a large SAP partner benefit from using this tool. We currently support businesses in live prod. We have a dedicated team why would we impress this upon businesses?

è Ilya: Key benefits would be around proactive support, reduction of mean time to resolution and improving the overall user satisfaction.  Especially if you already have a user satisfaction index as part of your offering or SLAs for the turn-around of support incidents, this can be very beneficial.  You can also offer better system performance and response times SLAs as part of your service to the customer by incorporating end user metrics in your reporting.  Lastly, there may be opportunities for the partner to offer new services including process optimization and training using the Knoa data.

1.   How much is the cost of the tool?

è Ilya: SAP UEM by Knoa is licensed per named user to be monitored.  Please discuss pricing with your SAP Account Executive.

Does the KNOA software install on individual user's PC? How is the data centrally collected? Are these reports BusinessObjects reports and do we need to buy additional licenses for usage of this tool?

Ilya: The SAP UEM agent is deployed on each desktop.  The data from all agents is sent to a centralized server (or servers depending on the number of users).  The detailed and aggregated data is stored in a SQL or Oracle database.  The reporting front end is delivered via BusinessObjects.  BI licenses are needed for report users only.  Customers may leverage existing BI licenses.  Alternatively, licenses can be provided as part of implementation.

Is there any automated alerting? For example, if the response time is beyond certain number of seconds?

Ilya: Yes.  Alerting based on pre-defined thresholds is an integral part of the SAP UEM solution.

How can KNOA determine if response time is affected by app vs network bandwidth ?

Ilya: The SAP UEM solution does not provide a breakdown of response by individual layer (i.e. application vs. network).  However, leveraging user attributes (such as site, location, etc.), Knoa can help pinpoint the area of the application and the cluster of users that are experiencing the issue resulting in a shorter time to root cause analysis.

Does Knoa agent work for end users who are using Citrix?

Ilya: Yes.  In Citrix deployments, the SAP UEM agent is deployed on the Citrix server.

Do you have a standard set of transactions included in the business processes and do we have the ability to modify to add custom transactions or do we have to identify all from scratch?

Ilya: Business Processes are defined by the customer.  But they can be easily imported in bulk using CSV or Excel file.  For instance, you can export the SAP Business Process Maps from SAP system and import it into Knoa very quickly, including any custom transactions.

Can this be integrated with some of the basis components where you can draw an analogy that the response time is poor because there was a problem with the database or network or a specific region was hit by slow network etc.?Ilya: Yes.  All SAP UEM reports and analysis are provided via open data model within Business Objects.  Customers may create reports that combine SAP UEM data with BASIS (or other third- party data) for enhanced analysis.  Several SAP UEM customers have implemented such reports.
Does it produce reports where it can show that there are 100 users using the same transaction at the same time vs. only few users using the same transaction at the same time?

Ilya: Yes, SAP UEM report library includes this type of analysis.

Does Knoa play a role in the run SAP like a factory process / tool set?We are not familiar with this. We will speak to our colleagues and try to find more information.
How does Knoa distinguish between system and user errors?

Ilya: System errors are errors that do not result from user action such as a database connection problem or session time out.  User errors are errors that result from user interaction with the system.

Does this s/w works with BW and specifically BEX Analyzer (excel) tool? For example if we want to track the response time of the reports running thru the BEX analyzer?

Ilya: SAP UEM presently does not monitor BEX Analyzer within Excel.  Knoa is working with SAP to determine the product roadmap for BEX Analyzer and feasibility of adding this monitoring.  We do monitor BW reports in SAP GUI, Portal or CRM interfaces. 

Can the tool monitor external users using the SNC WebUI?Ilya: Yes, SAP UEM can monitor external users using WebUI.
I would like to know if I could get a schedule of the SAP events held in Philadelphia, Pa