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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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The Design Thinking process first defines the problem and then implements the solutions, always with the needs of the user demographic at the core of concept development.
- Stanford

Design thinking is key to putting the customer at the center of everything your company does. Unfortunately not everyone has had the opportunity to take part in a design thinking workshop to experience how you can benefit from applying design thinking techniques to your software development. That´s why we have teamed up with design thinking experts from Stanford’s and SAP to bring you, Developing Software Using Design Thinking.

In Developing Software Using Design Thinking, you will experience design thinking and develop empathy for your users by “putting yourself in their shoes”. This six week course consists of the usual online videos and weekly assignments to help you get an understanding about what design thinking is, with everyone welcome to enroll and take part.

Developing Software Using Design Thinking is different to other openSAP courses because to earn a Record of Achievement, you will need to take part in group work over a six week period, collaborating with your peers in a virtual environment. Due to the nature of the group work, there is a limited number of spaces available and you will need to apply to take part during the getting started week from February 28. As part of the group work, you will start by doing research to get empathy for your user. This is the basis for generating ideas and building low-resolution prototypes, which you can take back to your users for feedback.

Enrollment is now open for the course and open to everyone. If you are interested in taking part in the group work, you will be required to invest 3-5 hours per week from March 7 until April 19, and just 1.5 hours from April 19-26. If you have any doubts about committing this time, don’t worry as you can still complete the videos and self-tests at your own pace. The course content will start to be released from March 7 with new topics introduced each week.

*Before you apply to participate in the group work from February 28, please be sure that you can commit your time to take part or you could be preventing another learner from participating.



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