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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Designing Business Models for the Digital Economy sheds some light on the importance of business models for the Digital Economy. This free openSAP course introduces Business Model Innovation as an approach to iteratively develop the most appropriate business model.

The digital economy, encompassing topics like Industry Cloud, Internet of Things, Business Networks, Platform-as-a-Service offerings, etc. has led to the rise of new business models. In turn, former, well-established business models are often no longer suitable, because the way products are created, the approach to customers, the revenue model / cost structure, and much more has changed.

Over six weeks – starting on January 17, 2017 – you will learn how to analyze specific elements of your business model, challenge the entire business model, test the key assumptions underlying your business model with customers, and finally pick the most appropriate business model from a number of alternatives – for example, to create a business case and justify an investment decision.

This course will require quite some commitment from every attendee, e.g. by participating in collaborative exercises, work in groups and do some “homework” to ultimately receive the course certificate.

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