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I believe I heard or read the following lines somewhere - cant remember! The essence of it goes something like this.

"There are countless days in our lives that just have a beginning and an end. What happens during those days leave no impact on our lives. But then there are some days that impact your life in such a ways that you aren't the same anymore from that day onward".

August 5, 2015 is perhaps one of those days in my life that has changed the way I talk to and treat my colleagues and especially the Early Talent at SAP. This was a day when together with a dear colleague Tejaswini from the Early Talent Team, I facilitated a Design Thinking workshop for 7 young people in SAP. We set out to define different personas that new hires/ students possess before and after joining SAP. This involved research on our parts as groups so that we can gain deep (enough) empathy for these personas. The inputs will further help us chart a journey map for the personas concerned and we are excited to really understand the "day in a life of a fresher". It has helped me appreciate the challenges, confusions, emotions, aspirations, opinions, attitudes and so much more about these young minds. Most importantly what I felt is that they progressively grow more independent and capable than their preceding generations. Hence what possibly worked with my generation may not work with them.

While I cannot reveal the findings of the workshop it is quite safe to say that we did what we did that because SAP always values young talent and strives to nurture them. No wonder that SAP Labs India is ranked 5th in the "Great Place to Work" survey. Oh, It is a big deal!! There is an immense amount of pride I feel when I tell someone that I work in SAP.


Luckily we were able to get participation from all "types" of new hires - Interns, new hires, and Scholars@SAP. Your should check out Scholars@SAP it is a beautiful program where students can work with SAP and study a masters course with BITS Pilani at the same time!

A few more words on the workshop - It was super fun!